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Hey, everybody, my name is Karen and welcome to my weight loss channel So, this video was inspired by a dear friend of mine, Eddie Gooch

We were talking a little bit about my weight loss journey and he asked me what my goals for 2018 were And that's actually something that I didn't really think about I have a few minuscule goals in mind, but nothing that I really thought about So that got me to thinking about the goals that I tried to achieve in 2017: what was I trying to achieve? What did I achieve? And would I like to continue further with those goals? And through that I came up with these 4 tips that I think would really help out anybody on their weight loss journey And these are things that I learned over the past few years

And by implementing these tips and working towards these goals they really have helped me out a lot And I think that by doing these 4 things that's where I saw the most results So I hope that they help you out The first one is to find an exercise that you enjoy doing You don't have to stick to just doing the gym

Yes, fitness is part of losing weight but if you aren't enjoying what you're doing you're gonna easily give up and quit And that's what happened to me because anybody who knows me knows that I hate going to the gym I try, but it's just too mundane for me So last year I asked myself, what is it that I enjoy doing as a physical activity? And my answer was dance So from there I looked up dance fitness classes in New York City and I took it from there

So I started taking classes and that led to taking other classes that were offered And it made me so much happier I enjoyed exercising again and doing physical activity It's something as simple as that You could take dance classes, you can do gymnastics, rock climbing

the possibilities are endless Don't be afraid to think outside the box because when you enjoy doing physical activity and exercising you're gonna continue doing it

Tip number 2 is to focus on a goal that doesn't involve weight It's so easy for people to be focused on the number, whether it be on the scale or on your body, but that will get you into a zone that will be very unhealthy for you So what I started doing towards the end of 2017 was give myself a goal that had nothing to do with my weight It wasn't about losing a certain amount of pounds or reaching a certain weight And when I started implementing that, that's when I started to really see results

And my goal last year, which I want to continue, moving forward, was strengthening Strengthening my muscles and strengthening my core because I have a non-existent core It's so not there Like, it might as well be 10 states away It's so bad But apparently I have really strong glutes? So when trying to work on strengthening the decisions that I made towards reaching that goal and achieving it started to spread out into all the areas of my life

And that even meant, you know, eating healthier I really focused on eating more protein because I wanted to build my muscles and make them stronger So stuff like that, it makes a huge difference So if you give yourself a goal like doing 50 push-ups or running for 5 minutes straight without taking a break, I think that will really benefit you when it comes to your own weight loss journey Which leads me to number three

Don't punish yourself for indulging So many times I've heard friends and just anybody say that, "Oh god, I ate two doughnuts Now I have to go run on the treadmill to burn it off" That is such a dangerous mentality to have As somebody who has been trying to lose weight for practically my whole life, that kind of thinking is not beneficial towards you and it is so dangerous to have because it's going to lead to a life of misery

And if there's one thing that I've learned on my weight loss journey right now it's that mental health is just as important as physical health So don't punish yourself If you've been doing well and you want to eat a brownie, eat the brownie because it's not gonna make a huge difference You're not gonna balloon up to 5 pounds if you eat one or two brownies It's really all about having a healthy relationship with food

You should not be afraid of the temptations because they will always be there And unless you have a strong will power and are okay with eliminating, you know, sugary foods and whatnot from your diet I feel like you're just gonna be a miserable person and set yourself up for failure Which leads me to my next thing Enjoy the foods that you eat Eating healthy should not be torture

I think we can all agree that eating a salad every single day is absolutely boring, although there are some really good salads out there But people have this mentality that eating healthy means being miserable But no, absolutely not! And to go back to what I just said previously about having a healthy relationship with food, I think that a great tip for any of you watching who may struggle with trying to eat healthy is to think about the foods that you enjoy, you know, the meals that you like to eat, and then just find a healthier way of making them And I have to say that cooking really helps when it comes to healthy eating because you are in control of everything And I will give you an example

So, I never really liked carrots If they were around or like in a salad I would eat them, but for the most part I rarely ate carrots It's not something that I went out of my way for because I just thought they were bland and boring I don't get the appeal of them Well, a month ago I learned to roast carrots and oh my god that was a game changer! (noise of excitement) Roasted carrots are one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten

Roasted vegetables in general are one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten I am on such a roasting kick lately that the only way that I will eat vegetables now is if I roast them But, ahhh They're so good So it's something as simple as doing that to get you to eat more vegetables, which is how I'm getting more vegetables into my diet

No lie, I was that kid growing up whose only vegetable that she ate was french fries from McDonald's And that's not even a vegetable, that's a starch Now I'm eating carrots, cauliflower, brussel sprouts FYI who said that brussel sprouts were awful? Like, where did that rumor start from? Because roasted brussel sprouts with a bit of olive oil and garlicmmmmm All these years I was adamantly against brussel sprouts

I was such a fool! It's all about rethinking about the way you eat and there are so many websites out there with healthy, delicious recipes that are just at your disposal So the possibilities are endless I hope these tips help you as much as they've helped me over the past year and if you've actually tried out some of these tips before, let me know how you made out with them in the comments down below Also, if you have any other tips that might help out anyone on their weight loss journey leave those in the comments down below, as well And, of course, please make sure to subscribe if you're not already and hit that bell to get notified of the next time I put out a video, which will be every Friday

And I hope that you are all doing wonderfully and having a great 2018 so far Take care of yourselves and I will see you next time Bye bye, everybody


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healthy exercises

healthy exercises


healthy exercises