Title: The Best Diet for Fat & Weight Loss – Men & Women Diet Plans

What's up YouTube, Tanner Chidester here, back with you after a few months off, I've been very busy revamping and editing my new graphics, so I hope you enjoy the new things that are added to this presentation Now today's topic is The Best Diet for Fat Loss

So, what exactly constitutes the perfect formula for losing weight? Is it low carb? Is it low fat? It is the Mediterranean style diet Is it high protein? What about intermittent fasting? Anyone tried veganism? How about vegetarianism? The list goes on and on and on So without further ado, the answer is all of them [music] Now, why do I say this? How is that that every single diet can be the correct answer? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple It all comes down to energy balance Eat too much and you'll gain weight, don't eat enough to fuel your body and you'll lose weight It's really that simple guys

However, having that knowledge about how to lose weight, and actually going about it are two completely different animals So, How do you decide what diet is right for you? Well, it comes down to a few different things Number 1 Is it satiating enough? You can lose weight on an all Pop-tarts and Twinkie diet, but will that really fill you up? My guess is it probably won't Fiber is going to be one of the most important things that you can consume when trying to stay full

And sadly, all our favorite sweets, candies and liquid sugars have slim to zero fiber So, the question remains: what do you do? The best thing is to load up on fibrous veggies Examples of these are broccoli, green beans and celery just to name a few Again keep in mind, you can technically lose weight on an all candy diet, but you will feel terrible, perform terribly in the gym and you'll never be full Calorie balance at the end of the day is king

But don't fool yourself into thinking that you can just eat as much junk food as you want, because eventually it will catch up to you Number 2 How sustainable is your diet? Is it something you can stick to for the long term? Or is it just another extreme diet that you'll probably rebounding on and putting all your weight back on Time and time I see these guys, and it's really not worth it Pick a diet you can stick to for the rest of your life

Don't pick something that's just a quick fix, and you can't follow for an extended period of time For example, I once knew a person who was on a 500 calorie celery diet Yeah Celery All they basically do is drink water and eat a bunch of celery all day long

Now, besides the fact that this was completely unhealthy and they probably lost ton of muscle in the process, they went right back to their old eating habits after and just gained all the weight back that they've worked so hard to lose This is no good guys You need to pick something that you can stick with long term There's no point in even starting to diet if you look at it as a short term fix Pick something that you can do for years to come

Number 3 Can you stay consistent with it? People will follow a diet for a couple a days and think they deserve a cheat meal This kind of thinking is just wrong Let me explain what I mean For example, let's say in a 500 calorie deficit; that means it will take you 7 days to lose a pound of fat which is 3,500 calories

Now let's say three days in to your diet, you decide to have a foot long Subway sandwich You deserve it right? This one time won't hurt You couldn't be more wrong A footlong Subway sandwich on average is around 800 calories So, assuming you'll be eating the entire thing, you just ruined over half of your progress that you made over the last three days

Unfortunately, it is true, that it takes more days in a row being consistent with your diet than it does to ruining your progress So make sure you pick a diet you can stick with If you haven't yet, then keep searching until you do So, to summarize on the right way on picking a diet, you should first, pick a diet that keeps you satiated throughout the day Two, pick something that is sustainable long term

And last but not least, pick something that you can stay consistent with It's really that simple guys It's all about calorie balance, and picking something that you can stick with long term [music] [end]


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