3 Exercises for a Healthy Back

Hi, I'm Denise Austin Here are three great strengthening exercises for a healthy back

The first? Core strengthener So let's begin with this simple sit-up with the use of a towel Now with that towel roll slowly back You're going to place that towel right there at your neck and let your neck totally relax What you want to do is slowly roll up

Roll up using your abdominal strength, and slowly roll back down Here's the bird dog to strengthen your spine Placing your hands in front of you making sure your wrists are in line with your shoulders, lift one leg out Hold it out Now with the opposite arm, reach it out

Hold for 10 seconds and relax Now pelvic tilt Great for the low back With the use of the towel, slowly roll down one vertebra at a time Place the towel right underneath your buttocks

Lift your hips up and now rock side to side This is great for the abdominals as well as your low back For a healthy back try these strengthening exercises three to four times a week For more health and wellness tips, subscribe to AARP’s YouTube channel See you there!


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises