3 On Toast Healthy Snack Ideas

– Life is complicated, our days are busy, but snack time doesn't have to be In today's video, I'm going to share three deliciously satisfying snack ideas that I'm making with Wasa crispbread, also our partners for today's video

If you haven't heard about Wasa, you're totally missing out, on these wholesome, crispbread crackers They build the perfect base for your favorite toppings at snack time or any time really While there is a variety of classic Wasa quick bread crackers available, today, I'm using their new gluten free line, which are made with real food ingredients that delivers great taste and a crunchy texture you're going to love Today, I'm gonna show you three ways you can enjoy these wonderful, crispy crackers Not that there's anything wrong with enjoying them with a little butter and jam, but you know, we're upping our snack game today

This first one is what I call all the good things on Wasa For this one, I'm gonna be using the original crisp bread I simply take a delicious, ripe avocado, and either place the slices over my crispbread, or mash it Then I'm gonna take some vine tomatoes and slice them, and place them on top Let's give this a quick drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of course sea salt and Everything seasoning

And Wasa simply satisfying snacks help us take a balanced approach to our food and health while complementing any occasion And let's face it, avocado on everything is the occasion Next up is one of my favorite New York brunch items, the lox and cream cheese bagel reinvented and perfect for a balanced snack For this one, I'm going to use a sesame and sea salt crispbread I'm simply going to spread some whipped cream cheese on my Wasa cracker, top it with a few slices of lox or smoked salmon and just a little sprinkle of dill

If you want to get fancy, you can finely dice some red onions and put those on top The final step is to give a lemon wedge a squeeze, and oh my, so good Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, my last one is the walk it to me crispbread What I love about using these crispbread crackers is that paired with my favorite toppings, they deliver all the satisfaction we all want form a healthy snack or light meal This guacamole snack is a healthier alternative to siting down with a bag of chips and guac', because once I start, it's hard to stop

So I'm just going to spread some of my guacamole over the top and a little pico de gallo or salsa, whichever one works Wasn't that easy? What do ya think? Which one of these three crispbreads would you enjoy at snack time? Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite way to enjoy your crisp bread cracker will be To find out more about Wasa and all their varieties, including their two gluten free varieties, head over to Wasa's website, which I'll link right below this video While you're down there, click that red subscribe button A new video comes out every single week

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