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5 Fruits for Healthy Weight Loss and How to Eat Them Losing weight and keeping it off can seem like an almost impossible feat Things like the rebound effect and stress or changes in our daily routine can have serious consequences when it comes to keeping weight off

Losing weight healthily should be our main goal Maintaining our ideal weight, a daily task Now, how do you go about it? Genetics and even not having the time to cook healthy meals are often our worst enemies when it comes to losing weight Today wed like to show you the top five fruits for weight loss Were sure theyll be able to help you

Just as important is knowing how to eat them Lets take a look! Lose weight with lemons We often talk about the many virtues of lemons How this citrus fruit helps you lose weight is truly special:

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C This important nutrient is good for your livers health Good liver health means fat metabolism is at its peak As a bonus, your body will digest food better and be better able to absorb nutrients Lemon helps detox the body, flushing toxins out through the urine

This citrus fruit is filling and fights constipation How to use lemons to lose weight Start your day with a glass of warm water and the juice of one lemon Sprinkle a little lemon juice on your salads Strawberries, great for your figure

When you first think of strawberries, you probably imagine a decadent dessert, loaded with calories Even though this fruit is usually associated with high-calorie desserts and smoothies Well explain how strawberries can help your figure: Strawberries contain very little sugar, but are loaded with vitamins We cant forget that strawberries are diuretics and contain powerful antioxidants

They fight fluid retention Theyre full of fiber to fight constipation Theyre filling Another thing to keep in mind about strawberries is that they possess anti-inflammatory properties  How to eat strawberries to lose weight

Strawberry water: combine a liter of water with the juice of 10 strawberries and a little lemon juice Strawberry salad with spinach and walnuts, great for healthy weight loss Green apples, amazing for digestive health All apples are beneficial, but green apples are rich in phenolic acid and flavonoids Theyre excellent for regulating blood sugar levels

Here are just a few of their many beneficial properties: Theyre rich in antioxidants Green apples can help you control your LDL or bad cholesterol They help accelerate the metabolism While boosting your metabolism, green apples work on the fat itself, making it easier to burn off

How to eat green apples to lose weight Eat them raw in the early hours of the day with the peel, if possible Try a green apple and oatmeal smoothie Blueberries, an effective fruit for healthy weight loss Blueberries are an endless source of nutrition without a lot of calories

Eating just 10-20 blueberries per day is enough to provide you with high levels of vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants Blueberries contain insoluble fiber, ideal for improving digestion These berries are also rich in tannins, which work as powerful natural astringents Another thing to keep in mind about these tiny fruits is that you can eat as many as you like without worrying about gaining weight Theyre filling and extremely versatile in the kitchen

Ways to eat blueberries for weight loss At breakfast, try combing them with other types of fruit Use them in natural smoothies Toss a few in your salads Pomegranates, a source of health

Pomegranates contain powerful antioxidants These have incredible benefits for the body: improving blood flow to the heart and helping keep arteries free of fatty deposits Even though pomegranates are a fall season fruit, theyre worth waiting for to take advantage of their beneficial properties Eating pomegranates prevents fat from accumulating in the abdominal area Pomegranates are rich in fiber, anti-inflammatory and can help eliminate bad cholesterol or LDL

How to enjoy pomegranates to lose weight healthily Raw You can also drink pomegranate juice, if available, with breakfast In salads In conclusion: dont hesitate to take advantage of the benefits of these fruits for your health and figure

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