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8 Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back Leading a sedentary lifestyle and spending too many hours at your desk can cause you to suffer from lower back pain In today’s article, we want to describe a few exercises you can use to strengthen your lower back and avoid the consequences of bad posture and long days at the office

How should you strengthen your lower back? Lumbar pain (pain in the lower back) is one of the most common complaints of adults today It’s a form of muscular tension that occurs when the area isn’t well developed (i , your muscles haven’t been trained) In addition to taking care of your posture and changing positions throughout the day, if you’re sitting for a long time we want to recommend some exercises that can be helpful

It’s essential to repeat this routine at least three times a week so that the area is stronger, and you can avoid any injuries to your lower back The exercises are simple and can be done at home, without any special equipment Give this lower back routine a try:     Speaker’s position

Sit on your knees and press your hands together behind your back, as far as you can Keep your head up and slowly pull your back backward so that your buttocks rest on your heels Your stomach should touch your knees Hold this position for 10 seconds and then relax Repeat eight times

Back elevation This is another exercise that will help you strengthen your lower back, and it’s very easy Lie face down on a mat or a bed with your legs stretched behind you Your arms should rest on either side of your body Gently lift your back and head to “lift” your torso off the mat

Your neck should be well aligned with your spine Hold this pose for 10 seconds before returning to the starting position Repeat 10 times The cross pose Lie on your back on a comfortable surface

Stretch out your legs and hold your arms in the shape of a cross (outstretched in line with your shoulders) Holding your back against the floor, bend your knees to the right until they touch the mat Hold this position for about 10 seconds and repeat on the other side Return to the starting position Complete five repetitions per side

Knees to the chest This lumbar strengthening exercise starts out the same as the previous one, lying face up on the mat In this case, you’ll use your arms to pull your legs into a flex so that your knees touch your chest Exert slight pressure with your hands If you can, move your pelvis to the side to massage certain areas of the lower back

Hold this position for a few seconds before returning to the starting position Do 10 repetitions The sphinx or snake pose Lie on your stomach on the mat with your legs straight Place your palms on the floor shoulder-width apart and press against your arms to lift your torso off the floor

Keep your head tilted back and hold this pose for a few seconds Relax your elbows to rest Repeat this 10 times Cat pose This one is used often in yoga classes because it stretches the back and waist

Support yourself on your hands and knees on a mat Keep your head aligned with your spine Arch your back while tilting your head backward Hold this pose for a few seconds before returning to the starting position Next, so the opposite movement, by arching your back upwards (it will look like a bridge) and looking down

This is considered one repetition Do nine more Pelvis raises Lie face up on the mat Press your arms to your sides with your palms on the floor

Bend your knees and support your weight with your feet Slowly raise your pelvis until it’s completely off the mat Ideally, only your head, shoulders, arms, and feet will touch the floor at all times Hold this pose for 10 seconds and relax Do 10 repetitions

Isomeric lumbar exercise Some people call this the “superman pose” because of the position of your body Although it’s not a high-intensity exercise, we recommend leaving it for the end of your routine (when you’ve already stretched and loosened your back) Lie face down on the mat with your legs stretched out behind you Bring your arms in front of your head (your shoulders should touch your ears)

Gently lift your arms and legs off the floor Your head will tilt backward slightly, along with the movement Hold this pose as long as you can Return to the starting position and repeat In total, you should do 10 repetitions


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises