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Today we're talking about THE most effective exercise for fat burning Now, you may be one who since your teenage years have suited up every day rain or shine to go for your hour long jacking session Now if you've done this because it brings you immense relaxation, stress reduction, clears your mind and makes your body feel great, then by all means it is clearly benefiting you and you should continue

BUT if you've been running yourself ragged all along just because you feel like you constantly need to in order to burn those calories and keep your metabolism fired up to torch that fatthen we need to have a chat! Somehow we've come to the conclusion that we should live and die by the concept of 'what you put in equals what you get out' (or lose in the case of weight and fat) In example: You work for 8 hours- you get paid for 8 hours (You should probably have a little chat with your boss if you don't!) How much you eat in calories equals how much you have to put in in exercise Well these ways of thinking are flawed

(Almost as flawed as my attempt at an hour-long jogging session would be!) More time at something does not necessarily equal more benefit What if I told you there is a better way? A way that is more effective in less time I bet that'll make your hands clap That better way? High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT Remember all that about more time at something not equaling more benefit? Well that can be proven by the comparison of steady-state cardio (ie your hour-long jogging sessions) versus High Intensity Interval Training Summed up, HIIT is cardiovascular training which alternates repeated short duration high-intensity exercise intervals with periods of lower intensity active recovery intervals

What this means is you can basically take any exercise and run it in HIIT format Now there are many different methods of practicing HIIT, but basically you can take any exercise such as mountain climbers and run that full intensity as hard as you can for 30 seconds and then offset that with periods of your active recovery, which is like a light jog in place, for about half of that which would be 15 seconds and then alternate the two of those for about 4 to 20 minutes or so And the overall timing can depend on things such as your fitness level, your experience, the amount of time you have But either way it will be a major fat burning experience for you, IF you give it your full intensity and push as hard as you can So instead of going at a steady state for a long period of time (as with running or going on the treadmill or biking), you're doing short bursts of intense exercises which requires more output from the body and deliver superior results

So what I'm saying is, you can get more out of a ten-minute HIIT workout than an hour long jog session! HIIT regimens have been proven to be highly successful at producing significant reductions in whole body fat mass They've been shown to be nine times more effective than steady-state cardio a reducing body fat! Now when we're talking about HIIT, we're not talking about lollygagging on the treadmill or going for a light jog You need to push it to your max intensity in In order to produce the amazing results HIIT has to offer, it's required to work to your full capacity during the high intensity stages I'm talking like borderline throwing up (Still better than going for an hour-long jog!) In order for a hit to be effective it's required to get your heart rate up to a certain level and keep it that way, hence the active recovery periods HIIT workouts do take a lot out of you, but when you make it through they're so worth it! Because they also cause the continuation of fat and calorie burning hours after the exercise has been performed Now that's getting your bod to do some of the work for ya! In addition, HIIT is proven to increase production of Human Growth Hormone in the body, which assists in numerous processes, including cellular repair, immune function, increased energy, slowed aging, and so many more! Not only that but HIIT has been shown to release elevated endorphin levels in the brain, which alleviates physical and emotional stress and causes feel-good moods in its aftermath In conclusion, if you absolutely love your running and your steady state cardio, then continue doing it by all means because there are benefits there

However, if you've only been doing it solely out of obligation and your main goal is fat burning, then steady-state cardio isn't your answer HIIT would be where it's at for the most effective fat burning, not to mention in the least amount of time! In addition, paying close attention to your food choices undoubtedly plays a larger role in your body and fat composition than any exercise ANY type of cardio, including HIIT, will be much less effective if you aren't supporting it with your diet

(I have plenty of videos on fat burning food and nutrition, and I'll put some of those in the description below!) So HIIT it!! I somebody you don't even know


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healthy exercises

healthy exercises