Easy at home workouts | 6 Exercise You Can Do at Home To Get Even Healthier

more 6 exercise you can do at home to get even healthier I would like to maintain my body now or I want to increase my body a little but at work: I am a veteran

There is no time to go to the gym Did not give up thinking so? We will introduce six types of exercise that can easily be done at home without preparation and go all the way In order to maintain the body shape, I think that a lot of people go to the Gym with expensive membership pay off every month or shave off after five seasons

Of course, that's also a way, but you can easily exercise at home In addition to maintaining forming a tight body, it can be healthy People who want to know more, people who want to keep their body shape closely let us decide Use this practice at home to achieve goals 1 Let's turn the meat off the buttocks: If you are looking for a hard and tight hole, let's do a squat

Hurk is very effective exercise for the buttocks It's a very easy move so you can train your muscles and burn fat How to practice: First of all, stretch your feet shoulder width Lower your back straight and keep your stomach out of the way forward (You can also squat your feet closed) Let squat know that your back is always straight

Let's keep our eyes on the cover I'll put my weight on my mind Place your arms on the upper body at an angle of 90 degrees Let's repeat this movement 2

Let's get a strong leg: I long for a strong tight leg Actually, I can do it easily with exercise If you do this in the following way you want to get a good leg in a few weeks How to practice: This is an exercise done lying sideways Place the arm so that it straightens with the shoulder line

Let your legs straight Let your bones raise as high as possible Please do without any support or bow knees When done, return to the first posture and repeat the same action Replace with the opposite leg and do the same

3 Workout effective for lower body: I will do the exercise method effectively for the lower body In other words, it has effects on feet, buttocks and calves This is a very simple method, but you will need concentration, strength you do not lose, and effort How to practice: We will take a system to start squatting

Put your arms in front of your body I'll jump Let your legs rise as high as possible while jumping When landing, I will land the land on my toes By landing on the toes, you can reduce and prevent shocks injuries

4 Tighten your arms, turn bend: It's a one-push exercise to relax in the arm Let's do it with a string How to practice: Place feet at the end of the rubber strap Be careful not to move the rubber during exercise

Move one hand or by hand and push the waist elevator the stretch around the height of the shoulder Let's try to take a slow and constant move By doing slow it has the effect of strengthening the power of the arm 5

Over waist: This method is recommended when you are in search for an effective exercise for the waist circumference I will also increase your buttocks, there is no error in style How to practice: First of all, let's lay on your back on the floor Feel firmly on the floor, lightly bend the knees Lift the hips until the body makes a straight line

In this condition I will focus on the muscles of the buttocks Let's keep this attitude for 3 to 5 seconds I will return to the first position Let's repeat it a few times 6

pushups: Good for arms and chest will be push ups How to practice: First of all, I face my face to the floor and support my body with my arms love you arms straight, keep your hands away Please align your feet Let's bow your arms just before the chest touches the floor

Be careful not to bend your waist Also, you can never put your chest on the floor straight than the arms and return to the original regime Let's repeat this movement several times


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises