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Easy Exercises to Relieve Stress and Improve Your Mood In our blog we have proposed different exercise routines to strengthen your abdomen, gluteus muscles or even to tone your arm muscles a little more A stronger, firmer and more flexible body is something a great part of the population looks for

Yet, today we would like to concentrate on our emotions, in finding, through adequate exercise, relief from stress and worries Something we all know is that we dont all have time to go out and run, walk or have a little fun in the pool to take care of our bones, muscles and joints all the while relaxing the mind Maybe, that is why it is never too much to know what kind of exercises we can practice in our own home and improve our mood a little bit more This routine is easy, it will not require any gym memberships and it will provide you with huge benefits You will only need four things: a small rug or yoga mat, pillows, comfortable clothing and willpower

Simple Exercises to Relieve Stress Twenty minutes will be all it takes to feel better The exercises we will do require focus and to be one with your body, breathing and emotions We are going to work with your flexibility through adequate stretches that will allow you to let go of those burdens we all tend to accumulate during the day If you watch your  breathing and put all your attention on your body and on each move you make, you will find a balanced interior that will grant you relief from your daily stress

We do not expect you to exhaust yourself in the process and much less push your strength to its limit in order to burn fat It is not the objective of this exercise routine The only thing we are searching for is to find a placid tuning between your body and emotions It is worth trying them Relax the Back, Relax the Mind

Just as you are about to see, these are relaxing exercises, elemental and easy to carry out The first exercise we will do requires two pillows (or one pillow and a towel) Then follow this sequence: Lay flat on the ground Put under your back a pillow that will reach your lumbar region (Your chest should be more elevated than your legs)

Put another pillow under your head Stretch out your arms Cross your legs just like you see it done in the picture above, making sure your knees are at each side You will notice some tension in the area of the waist and back Now, breath in for 10 seconds and hold your breath for 5 seconds letting go of it afterwards loudly

Keep this position for 5 minutes Lift Your Abdomen This exercise is also very relaxing You will need a small stool, or some firm pillows that will allow you to elevate your gluteus muscles and abdomen Once you have this area supported, put your knees together

Then, stretch out your arms Now, close your eyes and breath deeply This posture, where our head is at a lower level than the rest of our body, will facilitate better circulation to the brain Keep this position for 5 minutes and keep doing the breathing exercise: take in air for 10 seconds, hold it in for 5 seconds and let it out loudly A Little Bit of Balance: Legs Up

To do the following exercise you will need a pillow and a cloth to cover your eyes and facilitate breathing Stand in front of a wall and lay down in a way you can stretch your legs upon it Put a pillow beneath your back Once again, your chest will  be at a higher level than your head Now, cover your eyes with the cloth while you stretch out your arms

Relax for 5 minutes, proceed to do it once more and do the breathing exercises mentioned before (inhale-hold in-exhale) Stretching of Arms We finish our exercise routine with a particular and at the same time beneficial stretch for the back, neck and arms We will do this within our capabilities and without exceeding them Do the following:

Kneel on your selected rug or yoga mat Put a pillow over your ankles and carefully bend your torso back in a way that allows you to touch with your hands the pillow found at your ankles Maintain this position for a minute while noticing the stretch in your arms Then, relax, return to your normal  position and repeat the exercise again In conclusion, these exercise routines will take about 20 minutes to complete

There is no reason to exhaust yourself: the objective is that by doing the stretches and breathing adequately you are able to relax your body and alleviate your mental state It is definitely worth trying these out!


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises