Give Your Gut Bacteria a Healthy Boost With These Probiotic-Packed Meal Ideas

So let's start here with breakfast Right here we have some kimchi, and kimchi on an egg

I love kimchi I mean, obviously, you can put kefir or yogurt into a smoothie That's easy, we all know that Kimchi, it's just a Korean dish, and it's so delicious It has, like, a salty kind of sour taste, but throw it on an egg, on greens

Delicious This is one of my favorite breakfasts Delicious And all it is, it's salted, fermented cabbage Gotcha Super easy Okay, so then lunch, you know I love a big green salad

Mm-hmm Okay don't make fun of me that I always want one, you know I'm obsessed with my greens but it's so easy I love kale Yes I liked kale before kale was cool, so you know Yes that is true I did know that Yep Okay so if you are having a green salad, which I'd love you to have, I like using apple cider vinegar, So do I

Olive oil, and Dijon, so much better than packaged dressings right? So this is so easy So the fermented part of this is the apple cider vinegar? Exactly Yep And it adds such a nice flavor to the greens So yeah I'll let you, you're much better at that than I am

(Carrie laughs) That's not true, beautiful Lovely, gorgeous salad Right, great salad and then of course you can top it with some chicken Okay so then when it comes to snack time, so easy again as you already mentioned Yogurt! Getting into yogurt, and then you're getting in lots of other nutrients, the fiber and the antioxidants from the raspberries and we've got chia seeds here

You can flavor it up however you want And then if you want something savory, one of my favorite things Olives and cheese, yum Goes well with a cocktail as well Oh yeah Olives and some Parmesan cheese

And then you mentioned a hot dog but if you want a hot dog or a good old burger, like you said you could put sauerkraut on that, or just even pickles Hmm So there's lots of easy ways Extra pickles Extra pickles exactly, and it's so flavorful, right so lots of ways throughout the day to get in your fermented foods Mm-hmm Okay now lets talk about this because this is a weird group of food

We have roasted garlic, bananas and asparagus (audience laughs) I don't know where we're going with this one Okay so, there are certain foods that have what we call prebiotic fibers So many foods that contain fiber contain a special type of fiber called prebiotics, so bananas, onions, raw asparagus, and then we've got garlic So you should have this in conjunction with that? So the probiotics are the good bacteria Right

The prebiotics feed the good bacteria and together they support an overall healthy They're like the superheroes the Avengers! Digestive system, exactly Gotcha, gotcha And it's so easy, even something like roasted garlic, put it on, you know make a bruschetta or add it into the salad dressing over there, you know garlic's so delicious and so good for you So the prebiotics and the probiotics work together to give you the gut health To support the overall digestive health Eat your banana after you have your burger with sauerkraut, ladies

Exactly That's your dessert You're adding that to your next menu right? Right, yeah Yes, very good Okay so what happens is when you consume probiotics, just like when you consume all kinds of nutrients, they don't all make it through the stomach acid

The stomach acid breaks it down and destroys or kills many of those organisms Mm-hmm So they're destroyed so you're not gonna reap all of the benefits, so what we need to do is, I recommend to most of my clients to take a probiotic supplement And the Digestive Advantage ones survive the stomach acid 100 times more than many other probiotic supplements It just helps protect them As I say as an insurance you want to get in a supplement as well It's like giving them a little superhero outfit

Exactly And this one what it also has though it also has a unique formula of pre and probiotics Together, as well So it's protecting all of these kids Exactly

Nice (audience applauds) I feel like I should be tested, like that was science class or something, but It was a fun science class, your gut health is so important It really is It really is

Every doctor that we have on our show, and nutritionist, is always talking about that, of course Thank you so much to Carrie and to my delightful co-host Curtis (audience applauds)


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