Healthy Back to School Recipes for Kids – Healthy Kids 4 Busy Families Episode 25

Hi Mandy Curry with Healthy Kids Inc We are back for our 2nd annual back to school taste testing with the kids

We’re going to try a couple new recipes See how they like them Try a few new things that they haven’t had before, as we start to gear up for some new recipes for back to school So we like to do this on camera so you get to see how they like them, the ingredients that we use, some changes that we’re making to our lunches this year, and all of that So here we go lets get started

Okay, so we are experimenting with our very first recipe and this is an oatmeal recipe for the morning We’re looking something thats really healthy but super-quick in the morning and we’re working with overnight oats So our kids have been a little hot and cold with oats lately So we’re trying a new recipe and the premise behind overnight oats is very simple Its one cup of oats to one cup of your liquid

So here we’re using some almond milk So we went ahead and got all that ready last night and we added the ingredients of our choice and now they’re ready So lets show you the very first one that we did was a peach oatmeal This is just simply, we ground up, put everything in the Vitamix We put the 2 cups, the one cup of oats, the one cup of liquid

We added then our peaches and we added about one teaspoon of brown sugar, some cinnamon and a little bit of vanilla and we pulsed that up Now here you can see that I’m really working on the consistency with the kids so I pulsed this up, and the oats are definitely much different Much smaller, a little bit better We’ll see how the kids like that Now the second one then is oats with a little bit of peanut butter in them for a little bit of extra protein

So, this one I did not pulse as much and you can see that the oats are a little bit bigger They are typically they’re normal size So we’ll see how the kids do with that Now once you get your oats out of the refrigerator the next morning you can eat them cold or you can heat them up So we’re going to be doing that as well to see which ones the kids like, which flavor they like best, and if they like it warm or if they like it cold

Alright, we are ready to taste test Welcome to the 2nd annual cook-off as we test to see how we like this Alright here we go, everyone try this one This is the one with the peaches that we pulsed a little bit different and its, I warmed it up too Okay

Preston: Smells good Mandy: What do you think? That’s actually pretty good Alright, now lets try it cold and let me see which one you might like better Ashton: That’s good Mandy: Good, thank you! Tell me if you like the cold or the warm? Preston: Warm

Mandy: Warm? Definitely Preston: Yeah, I like it Ashton: Warm! Mandy: (laugh) Oh, yeah Warm, for sure Okay, so now we know peach is good (laugh) peach is good but it’s got to be warmed up

Okay, so lets try the other one The next one is the peanut butter flavor and we’re going to try this one cold first Lets get that one out of the way Alright, everyone try the peanut butter (laugh) Ashton: I hope I like this one better

Preston: Oh yeah, smells a bit better Ashton: You dropped on your toes (laugh) Mandy: Okay I think that’s too big of a bite Ashton: Me? Mandy: Yeah, just go for it Just eat it

Preston: I got some on my toe Mandy: (laugh) Alright, lets try it warm Alright so we got the rough one out of the way Preston: I’m going to love this Mandy: Now try the warm

Lets see if we like it Ashton: I don’t even like peanut butter Preston: Umm-Umm-Umm Preston: I’m going to get some more Mandy: Man

Okay So

I think general consensus is that we definitely like the oatmeal when it is pulsed and we can change this into a different consistency, much thinner consistency not the, not the thick rolled oat pieces and then flavor it up with some peaches and a little bit of brown sugar, a little bit of cinnamon, and warmed up a little bit Alright, we got it Now on to the next recipe

Alright we are back with lunch recipe number 1 So our strategy with every meal that we have is to try and fit in a fruit or a vegetable at every meal and at every snack If we can accomplish that then our kids will at least get five to six servings of fruits and vegetables a day That’s huge That’s a big win for us

Alright, so this is a sample of one of our lunches that we're gonna try today Alright, here we have, and any container works, this just happens to be some of the containers that we use We're just going to be doing some apples We have about half an apple here and then we have some of our sugar snap peas Now we're going to dip them in something which I'm perfectly fine with

We've got a combination of ranch and hummus You generally like hummus, you often times like a ranch so let's try this because we haven't, sometimes you've taken sugar snap peas in your lunch but Ashton has not So we're gonna try this Want to try this in ranch? Ashton: Yeah Alright here's your little ranch cup and we love these little cups

These are perfect for taking little, little items in their lunch containers so these are perfect for us So, everybody dip your little sugar snap peas Ashton: The strings are out, right? Yes, yes they are Alright! Yeah, let's try it It's going to be real good

That's pretty good isn't it? Ashton: Yeah! It's really good isn't it? Good job buddy, that was awesome Now we've got a new food to add to your lunch box Ashton: I've never tried it before until now Great! Awesome! I'm proud of you Alright, now

So that takes care of our fruits and vegetables but lets talk about the main dish that we're going to be eating So here we are sampling then a new dish for us

And we know how much Preston loves quinoa You love chicken and you both love grapes and mandarin oranges So we have mixed it all together We've added a little bit of a seasoning that includes a little bit of soy sauce, which you both love So we're gonna taste this and see if you like it, and if you do this will make its way into the lineup

Ashton: It’s warm It’s a little bit, yes, it is a little bit warm because we just made it But when in your lunch box it will be cold though and that's how it should be so eat all of it at the same time like have a little bit of everything Preston: I'm going to try one thing at a time Okay, that's fine Ashton: (laugh) So here we go

Ashton: I still have to wait, I’m still chewing that I know, you like them That's really good Preston: That smells really good Okay

Ashton: That smells good I know Go for it, try it Preston: Try the chicken Uh-ha

Ashton: That's what I'm doing first, chicken Preston: Um, that’s good Ashton: Plus, I think we’ve had chicken and quinoa before? Yes Ashton: Like mixed? We haven't taken it in your lunch though yet Nor have we added grapes or mandarin oranges to it

Ashton: Oh, this is good with the chicken You like it? Nice job! Ashton: I’m going to try the orange now Okay Ashton: I love oranges Preston: I can't help it

What do you think? Preston: You got to take everything Ashton: It’s good You like it? Nice job boys I’m super proud of you Ashton: I’ve got to try the grapes

Oh, okay What do you think Pres? Ashton: Then all together Okay Yes Lets try it one bite all together

Can you do that Preston? Preston: Yeah Ashton: Like this Yes, yes What do you think? Ashton: That’s good Awesome! You like it too buddy? You're not talking so I assume so

Ashton: It's hard for me to get the chicken on there Preston: Uh-huh Yeah, sometimes huh Would you take this in your school lunch? Ashton: I might Yeah

That would be awesome Wow! I can't believe it The first recipe was a hit We are trying now sugar snap peas Which is a big win for this

Because generally he like cucumbers and cucumbers only So that's a big win for us And the quinoa was a hit too Quinoa is super healthy of course, but we also flavored up our quinoa with our own homemade chicken stock that we had used Also use some really good organic free range chicken too

So it's good quality ingredients the kids are gonna be getting for their school lunch now too Alright, one more together we'll be right back Alright, we're ready for our final recipe and this one is super simple we are just featuring a very simple hamburger for lunch And there's nothing wrong with that if you think good quality ingredients of course But this could be a great thing for your kids to take with them and it's super simple because you can make some hamburgers up on your prep or make them the night before

So, here, all we have, we've used some on grass fed ground beef and we also added some mushrooms to it That's going to give our kids some added nutrients throughout the day You can't even taste them and it also helps to make your ground beef go a little bit further So that's all that we have here is the ground beef mixed in with the mushrooms Now as far as the breads

That's always a hot topic, so here's a couple, here's my suggestions or recommendations on bread So one of the breads that I really really like it this Sami's Bakery bread I like this for me personally This is the millet and flax bread I like it because it doesn't have any gluten in it the flours are good

It just works really well So sometimes we'll just make grilled cheeses for the kids or grilled ham and cheese and will use this type of bread By all means one of our favorite and one of the best breads with the best ingredients is the Ezekiel Bread And you can see here the ingredients are much much stronger than you would see, and much healthier than you see in many other breads Now though, if time is really important to us and we need to find just something out of the bread aisle, be very careful of the breads that you're looking for, because it's very hard to find a traditional bread that doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup

So while this doesn't have the best ingredients, I would say its one of the better though of the options And I like it because of this serving size too This is just the Pepperidge Farm wheat slide buns So again, the slider size is perfect for kids and it makes such a good serving size for a lunch, and for anything else So, occasionally if we're very rushed

You know will use these We're going to use these today for our hamburger Or if you just wanna throw quick ham and cheese sandwich together, I happen to like this and again I like it because it doesn't have the high fructose corn syrup Alright, so those are kind of our three options for breads Now, so very simply put, here is our lunch that we are going to be doing with our hamburger on it

Now today we're gonna be challenging the kids though, because we're trying to get away from the condiments and all the extra stuff So we're gonna be added some veggies to your hamburger to see how you guys do with that Then we've also got some really great raspberries which are delicious and you both of those We also have some carrots in here that we can serve with a little bit of ranch or the hummus as well, but depending on their tastes Alright and these are the containers that we like to use

These are super simple we would just simply put this in here altogether, and boom, lunch is all in one container We have been using these for years, haven't we? And we love them still They've actually, they wear very well We've been using them in the dishwasher just about every day for at least four years now and they work great Alright, so, now let's go ahead and move on to your hamburger

So I'm gonna cut it in half because, at least for this taste testing, you guys are just gonna try half of this So, Preston is going to try with our homegrown tomatoes on it Yes, Ashton is going to try with cucumber on yours And let's see how we like the taste of it That way

Alright buddy There's yours Preston: Mine looks better Yours is like huge Do you think you can do all that? Preston: Maybe

It would? Ashton: It might taste better when you have cheese on it? I know It would But lets try it with some veggies on it Preston: Ooh, this smells good Yeah

What do you think? Ashton: The burgers taste different Yeah? A little bit maybe? What if you had feta cheese on it? Or regular cheese on it too? No? What do you think about yours? Ashton: Well the cheese we put on regular hamburgers, yeah Yeah? Ashton: Did you do it off the grill? These? No That's probably why its a little bit different Ashton: Yeah

Preston: Yeah Do you like it? Good Nice! Alright, so, that's our goal is to just find some new ways that we can get some of those condiments out and substitute with another one little sampling of another fruit and vegetable that's what we're always striving for So, those are our three new recipes We've done really well

The oatmeal was a hit but we know what we didn't like and what we did like, which was warmed up Our quinoa was a huge hit We're definitely going do that for next week And our hamburgers were a hit too The best thing is that I can get all this prepped the night before or during my prep day, and have all this ready to go super quickly the morning that we head to school

Alright, so I hoped that you enjoyed this Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel below Also check out our meal planner at HealthyKidsInccom Which is a pretty awesome tool to help with meal planning to make that process super simple

Alright, we'll see you again real soon


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