Healthy Cooking Recipes for the Whole Family : Low Fat Dirty Rice Recipe for the Whole Family

Hi I'm Linda Leon with expertvillagecom

On previous segments, I talked about the basics that you will need to have in your kitchen in order to do power cooking, and the concept of what power cooking is Now I'm going to show you what to do when you start to use the principle of power cooking You would need celery, bell pepper, garlic powder, or a garlic that has been chopped—fresh garlic would also do—you will need an onion, and some type of salt, and I like to use sea salt or some kind of oil, cause you are going to use that for your sauteing But if you look at this as a basic recipe, then if you want to cook a lot of meals at one time and power cook, say for example you want to make a dirty rice which we would be doing shortly All you would need to do is add two ingredients to that

Now once you got your dirty rice ingredient, which would be a addition of ground sage, an Italian seasoning And what we are going to do once the pan gets a little hot, we are going to go head and saute our vegetables Now today what we are going to be using, because of time and because for health proposes too, we are going to use a vegetarian ground product, and this is called a meal starter But you can use ground turkey or ground beef or ground chicken in any of these recipes and it would work just as well This is going to be about a pound and half worth of the ground meat product

Now the reason that we are making this in a large volume is because when you power cook, what you do is your run all of these ingredients together in the basic, and put that aside in the freezer bag The freezer bag is going to give you some good options, because you would be able to take this basic mix that you already put together and then vary it up Now when you are power cooking, this is as far as you would take the first step, because this is your basic ground meat recipe; and to this you are going to make up whatever else you like to make So I'm going to take out a little bit of this and put it into a plastic bag, and you can date, you can write your contents on here and put your date I'm going to put this into a plastic bag because we are going to set this aside to make other recipes

So what happens on Monday night or Tuesday night, or Wednesday night, and you want to make a ground recipe you already go everything pre-seasoned Now we are taking this basic recipe, and we are going to turn this into now a dirty rice, and some people call it seasoned rice, but the more south you get, the more it is called dirty rice So you are going to put about a teaspoon, and that is just a little hands work that is just about a teaspoon Put about a teaspoon of your Italian seasoning and about a teaspoon of your sage, and that is the only two additional ingredients that you added, and you've gone from a basic ground meat type recipe to a dirty rice Now to that you want to add about 3 cups of rice, which I already precooked

That is a simple, quick, low fat recipe, lots of flavor because you got a lot of seasonings in here, and you created one meal from just a basic recipe There you have it dirty rice I'm Linda Leon with expertvillagecom


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