Healthy Cooking Recipes for the Whole Family : Low Fat Pan Lasagna Recipe for the Whole Family

Hi I'm Linda Leon with expertvillagecom

Today we are going to continue with our power cooking theme As you know over the past few segments, I have taught you how to take a basic recipe and build on that recipe, giving you lots of variety So you can prepare a lot of meals at one time, freeze them, and use them to your own convenience That is power cooking So we learn that the basic ingredients are your bell pepper, your celery, your onions, a garlic or a garlic powder either one, you always need some type of oil so you can do your stir frying, and just some sea salt

When you want to bring that up to another recipe, using the same ground meat type process, or whether you are using ground turkey, ground beef, ground soy, or whatever, you want to bring it up one more time You can add an Italian seasoning and a sage and turn that into a dirty rice, and then you can bring that up one more time, and turn that to something Italian by adding some diced tomatoes or some tomato sauce So we are starting our recipe where our last segment left off, which is with the spaghetti sauce The meat based spaghetti sauce So I'm going to turn on my stove

Now in the last segment we made this meat sauce and now we want to turn this meat sauce to another recipe So were are going to turn it to a pan lasagna So what I have to do, I'm going to add to the base that I have already created Some ricotta cheese, then I'm going to add some pasta Now you can use what ever pasta that you want

What I got here is whole wheat pasta, and you are going to let that marinate just a little bit, all those ingredients, you want it really flavored You see how nice power cooking is, because all we did is take one basic recipe and just kept building upon it So out of this we have already gotten three wonderful recipes So we are going to let that cook down really nicely for a few minutes, and if you don't want to add a cheese, you don't have to If you want to add a monk cheese you can do that

There are all kinds of things you can do to make this a wonderful recipe for you This smells absolutely wonderful Absolutely wonderful Now the last thing we are going to do is to just add on some Romano cheese I have a nice little grater right here, and we are just going to grate the Romano cheese onto it, and we can put as much or as little as you want on this recipe

But we would start off with just a few sprinkles of it and there you have a pan lasagna, and you can serve this up with some salad and some garlic bread, and it would be a absolutely wonderful meal I'm Linda Leon with expertvillage



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