Healthy Cooking Recipes for the Whole Family : Low Fat Spaghetti Recipe for the Whole Family

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Now we've been talking about power cooking on the last two segments or so We have given you the basics that you would need to set up your kitchen in order to do power cooking, which is basically is to take a simple recipe, and then learn to expand that into many recipes So what we are going to work on today is taking the basic recipe and develop it into an Italian type recipe, and we learn with power cooking, what you do is you make the basic mixture and then you freeze it and then use it for other recipes So that is what we are doing right now We are going to use it for different recipes

If we were starting off with just a basic ground meat, this is all we would need to do, and actually this could be a meal in itself Then we learn if we add to it some Italian seasoning, about a teaspoon and a teaspoon of sage, if we stop right there we would have the basic recipe for dirty rice, and we have already cover that in another topic So now we are going to expand that one more time and we are going to put in about a cup of can tomatoes, they are diced, and about a cup of tomato sauce, and we are going to make a meat spaghetti sauce That is what we are going to make So we are simply going to stir all of this together, and this is your basic spaghetti sauce

Nice ingredients in here You are going to add a little bit of what I call a natural sugar I use Florida crystals—you might have another sweetener—but if you put about maybe a teaspoon or so of that that is probably about a teaspoon worth Sprinkle that into your sauce; it is going to give it a really good flavor without having too much of a tomato taste It just kind of makes it real mild, and I recommended that for anybody Now that is what you basically would have to do to make a good spaghetti sauce Take your base ingredients for your power cooking add your sage and your Italian seasonings, and just step it up with your tomato sauce

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