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[intro with music] Silke: Hi there, this is Silke from Jager Foods Today's Easy Recipe for Two is going to be an Egg Salad Sandwich which is really super easy to make and it's a quick lunch, or tonight we're going to have it for dinner with some fried potatoes and onions

So what you will need for this egg salad is eggs, obviously, six of them, or four if you're a light eater So we have our eggs Then you will need some mayonnaise, some mustard, eitehr spicy or Dijoun We have a German style spicy mustard here I like to put some pickle in my egg salad, you don't have to

Not everybody does, I like it with the baby dill kosher pickles We need some dill, either fresh like I have here or just some dried dill that's just as well Then we need a little bit of onions, about one or two tablespoons, depending on, if you don't like onions you don't have to put onions in either It's completely up to you And then I'm going to have some lettuce, that's just for, to put the egg salad on on the bread

Alright, so I got the eggs in our pan already Just ah, we covered it with just enough water, let them boil ahem seven to eight minutes, until they're fully cooked Alright? So, oh, and here are our fried potatoes And ah, I'm going to show you some other time how make them from the get go But these are just ahem, raw potatoes cut into thin slices and I'm cooking them in some extra virgin olive oil with onions, salt and pepper and carraway seeds

My mom always made this potato recipe with ah cooked potatoes, but due to a lack of time I started making them with ah just raw potatoes years ago Our eggs are hard boiled now and I shocked them in cold water to get the skin off I boiled them for about ten minutes So depending on the size of your eggs, anywhere from 10 – 12 minutes Somewhere in there

Ahem And what I'm doing, I'm just cutting them up into little chunks Ahem, if you don't want to cut them up yourself there is a little tool you can buy Ahem, it's a, it's a plastic thingy and it has wire, wire strings I guess, over it and you put your egg, the whole egg into it and you close the wire top Alright? Anyway, I'm going to put a link right here if you want to check it out

It should only be a couple of bucks for it So, anyhew So, I just cut up my eggs fairly, into fairly big chunks, I like a little bit of substance So, all I'm going to do is I cut it the lengthwise once and then roll it and cut it again the length wise, and then I am just gonna, se I just chop it up like this I will put this in our bowl

Now I made six large eggs because we have these big, big buns so I want to have enough to cover the whole thing But you can also, of course, egg salad is really good on just sandwich bread or any kind of a whole wheat or multi grain bread or bun or even just on lettuce if you don't want to eat bread or if you have to be on a gluten free diet So Alright, our eggs are cut up and I'm going to start out with just one, one ah tablespoon of mayonnaise Woops, OK? And if it's too dry I'm going to add some more later on, and then I'm going to add two tablespoons of mustard, heaping I guess, tablespoons of mustard

[clinks the spoon against the glass bowl] OK? And then our freshly chopped dill, and then I forgot to mention earlier, of course I will also put some spices in it which we will get to in just a minute So then I chopped up two baby dills into, not really fine, like I said I like to have a little texture to my salad So these are just cut up into little chunks And then we have some onion, oh I'm going to do about a tablespoon, That's about enough These are pretty strong, I was crying earlier

Alright, and then we're going to add some salt and pepper and then I also add some paprika About a half ah, about a teaspoon I would say OK? And then we're going to stir it up and we'll see what it looks like If it looks really, really dry then I'm going to just add a little bit more mayonnaise to it So only using a little bit of, you know some of the recipes they ask for half a cup, quarter cup or whatever of Mayonnaise

Ahem, in my book that's a little bit too much This is much healthier having more of the mustard instead of the mayonnaise OK, that's starting to look pretty good Ahem, what do you think? Should I add a little bit more mayonnaise? Make it a bit more creamy? Just a little bit >>Nick: Ja, ja, why don't you

>>Silke: So, I'm not even going to measure I'm just going to add a couple more drops in here So this is probably like another half a tablespoon [Silke stirs the egg salad in the bowl] Alright, and this is good

Ahem, you know this might sound funny but I never had egg salad sandwiches until I moved to the United States My mom never made them, I don't know, I never had them in Germany so this must be an American thing Eating egg salad sandwiches, huh? With mayonnaise? >>Nick: You had potato salad, didn't you? >>Silke: Well ja, potato salad and then if we had eggs we would just cut them, put them on our bread and put salt and pepper over them So there wasn't any, you know, salad per se Anyway

So, that's that So we have our buns, and these are really big buns So then I just washed some lettuce leaves, I'll get the moisture off a little bit, and we'll put these on the bottom And they will give it a nice, a nice crunch A little bit more, lettuce is good for you

There, that's probably good Then we'll put our salad on top of it So this looks a little bit different a than a traditional, ahem, egg salad sandwich or egg salad I should say Because it's more coarse looking? Ahem, so it's going to have a nice texture even though we have quite a bit of bread you'll still taste the, taste the eggs and the pickle and the dill It should be pretty good, I would think

>>Nick: Ah, you almost put the whole bowl on >>Silke: Yeah, I'm going to put the whole bowl, I mean, if we don't eat it all that's not, that's OK We can always have it for breakfast or something I don't know, for a snack

So looks awesome! And like I said, with it I made some, ahem fried potatoes And I'm going to make these again for some other recipe and then I'll show you a little bit more closely how these are made

But really there is nothing to it, they're just raw potatoes cut in slices, and I fried them up in olive oil with ahem, onions, salt and pepper and carraway seeds So, that was just kind of cooking in the background I'll put a couple of spoon fulls on the plates [Silke scoops the potatoes on the two plates] Ahem, this is really good for lunch, egg salad sandwiches, ahem or it can be really good with chips or fruit salad for lunch

You don't even have to go through the trouble of making potatoes or anything with it So, alright This is our dinner for tonight Easy recipe for two and it's egg salad sandwich with fried pototatoes Alright? We'll see you at the dinner table

OK So, tonight's easy recipe for two is a, ah, egg salad sandwich, really >>Nick: Yup! >>Silke: So it's really easy to make and it's the perfect meal for on a hot summer day, hence we are listening to John Foggerty a hundred and four in the shade [Nick and Silke are both laughing] >>Nick: Ah, all right, there's a method to the madness

>>Silke: But ja, so go ahead and have a try >>Nick: Alright >>Silke: Yup, this is a big sandwich >>Nick: Ja! Holy cow! >>Silke: Mmhhmmm! >>Nick: Mhmh! I like it on the lettuce >>Silke: You can really taste the fresh dill and the pickles and the mustard

Right? >>Nick: Yes! What kind of a mustard did you say? >>Silke: It's a German, spicy German mustard, but you can also use a Dijon, would be just as good Or any kind of mustard that you have in the house So, alright, it turned out good >>Nick: I'm going to try the potatoes >>Silke: Ja, I've made these so many times

So, ha, ha, ha >>Nick: Very flavorfull! Alright, Very good! Cheers [Ending credits and music]


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