Healthy INSTANT WEIGHT LOSS | Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

Hello everyone Today’s recipe is “Instant Weight loss Chicken Salad” Try it in breakfast, lunch, brunch as well as dinner

This diet will lose your weight and make you healthy and fit So, let’s start 1st process is marination I take 50 grams boneless chicken and cut it into small pieces Now, I’ll add chopped tomato, cucumber, onion, green chili and garlic in it

If we marinate the chicken in the water of fruits and vegetables So, it will give great health benefits along with awesome taste For weight loss, nothing is better than lemon So, I marinate it in lemon juice Now, I will prepare the salad Cabbage is not only a weight loss diet but also best for eyesight

It clears the vision and develops the eyesight Tomato gives a natural glow to the skin So that’s why, mothers say about their kids, “my baby is glowing just like a tomato” It keeps blood pressure normal But, those who are facing kidney stone problems, avoid to use it

Do you want to lose your weight? Hook the cucumber in your daily diet Because it is very helpful for digestive system and causes the loss weight due to its massive quantity of water and potassium Never ignore beet-root, when you are dieting Because it is entitled 4 stars for weight loss It is also entitled 3

5 stars for eyesight development due to its magical nutrition rich values, like Omega 3, Omega 6, Lutein and Zeaxanthin Obesity and weak eyesight are common problems in those who do computer jobs for hours Try it at lunch and get maximum benefit Our salad is ready now Just take a glance at the recipe card and let me go for the stove process

So, let’s prepare it in seconds I’ll prepare egg is only a few drops of olive oil Don’t use much oil here and don’t cook it more than twenty seconds Just put the egg, scramble it and wipe it aside

In this way, the egg would be healthy and soft I don’t add the spices in it I’ll keep it simple Now, I will prepare marinated chicken in only one teaspoon olive oil In “Healthy Cooking with Rabia and Zahid” channel, I keep in mind the Health as well as taste

So, I add black pepper, salt, soy sauce and chili sauce for spice Hmmm… Its aroma is too yummy to control myself for eating Finally, the chicken is ready, keep it aside Brown bread (Bran bread) slice, not need to make it brown as it is already brown Anyhow, I make it a little crispy without adding oil

Brown bread (Bran bread) enhances the recipe taste And you should prefer the brown bread than the white one for loss your weight Now I’ll mix them all and dish it out in salad If you are a spice lover, add some more spices here It has amazing health benefits No tension, if you take it as a lunch or keep it in the refrigerator, just eat it, when feel hungry

It is perfect fat cutter diet, so don’t be worried about over eating Hmmm… It's so yummy and tasty Let me go, that I able to eat too You can judge its health benefits after watching its nutrition chart

If you like my healthy recipe, then like and share this video And subscribe my channel for updates with healthy recipes Feel free to comment, your opinion and ask any question about nutritional values Let me go now for another healthy recipe See you soon with the next healthy recipe

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