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Hello welcome to Barkuma! Barkuma supports 750 people with a disability or learning difficulty to be included in the community through a range of programs

One of the things that research has shown is that people with a disability prefer junk food to healthy nutritious meals We were noticing at lunch time that some of the employees were making poor choices They might have hamburgers or left over pizza We decided to provide some alternatives, some training, some education around helping them make informed, appropriate choices and so we put together a program where they could learn how to cook and prepare food that's nutritious and will help them maintain a more balanced diet Today we're going to be making pumpkin vegetable slice using a variety of vegetables, we're also going to be making healthy choc chip muffins The program is to help empower the girls and guys to make healthier food choices to try different foods and to grow their self confidence in trying to prefer these foods themselves

so they can do some cooking at home We've made pancakes, we've made fritters, we've made savory bread and butter pudding muffins, impossible pie, salad I enjoy so much, it's so enjoyable I love cooking, and I enjoy cooking good stuff It's just really fun and healthy It's healthy and yummy, it's better than junk food every time he had no diet, he ate everything There was nothing really that he wouldn't eat except olives

hated olives this is now teaching people with disabilities that they can make food They can make healthy food and they can enjoy healthy food A couple of times I've offered him a piece of cake or a biscuit and he says 'no that's fattening' So they're employability skills increase as well because all of a sudden they're more willing to work with others because it also impacts on their social skills as well It flows right across all of their life domains It's an absolutely wonderful program, it's been very successful We are not funded for this so it's a constant struggle Barkuma's Healthy Living Cooking Program is a wonderful initiative that helps people with disability make good choices about the food they eat and prepare I would really appreciate you helping us, continue to run this wonderful program



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healthy exercises

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