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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, there I'm Kari Karch, the Kenmore Executive Chef

And today, I've got a registered dietitian Michelle Chiaramonte here with me from Portrait Health Centers Thank you for having me Why don't you tell me a little bit about being a dietitian I see a wide variety of patients from teens to elderly adults and helping them work in healthy eating habits to help prevent disease or maybe reverse disease that's already occurred What advice do you have to give busy moms who are trying to make healthy choices for their kids? Getting our children involved

If you have a chores and allowance system set up in your household, maybe make one of the chores the child's responsibility would be to make their lunch Teach them at a young age what a healthy balanced meal actually looks like Schools are doing a better job getting the pop out and bringing in more fruits and vegetables, but there's still a lot of heavily processed entrees available for our kids So it's really important to send your kid to school with a nice balanced lunch So what advice do you have to reduce bad eating habits or promote healthier eating habits? So I'm going to use an organic apple for example

That means that there were a ton of pesticides used to grow that apple The nutrients are the same There are two lists available for you called "The Dirty Dozen" and "The Clean 15" So on "The Dirty Dozen" list, it lists the top 12 fruits and vegetables that have a lot of pesticide residue on them And then "The Clean 15" are the top 15 produce items that have the least amount

Relate healthy eating to something that the child is interested in So if your child is involved in athletics, maybe explain to them high intakes of calcium and protein are going to lead to strong bones and strong muscles, which can improve athletic performance I would use MyPlate as a source So you can find on that website how much fiber your child should be getting in, protein, as well as which foods provide those nutrients [MUSIC PLAYING] Every kid in America has had this lunch at one time or another in their life

Just plain old white bread The thing about white bread is it's pretty nutritionally depleted Any nutrients in that bread has been added back in after processing, so it's really not the best way to get those nutrients Moving on to your ham slices, there can be up to 1,000 milligrams of sodium in just three ounces, and that's half your daily intake The problem with chips are they're the epitome of empty calories

They're not supplying any nutrients It's just kind of a filler There's going to be 125 teaspoons added sugar between just the fruit punch here and your bread We'll start with the sandwich– the choice of using the whole grain bread is perfect

You want to look for 100% whole grain or whole wheat bread Your chicken it's all natural It's not processed loaded with sodium So it's a great lean choice I love the little single serving of hummus there on the side

It's Really fun dipping for the kids Having nuts as your crunchy snack instead of your chips is a great option because nuts have a lot of fiber and a lot of heart-healthy fat Man, when you flip over this box, and it's just some crackers and processed meats– I can't even tell you how many ingredients There's probably 70 Yep, there's close to 70

70 ingredients Everything in moderation is fine, but it definitely shouldn't be something you're sending in your kids' lunch all the time There is 35 grams of sugar in just this guy alone, 27 in here Those two combined equates to 155 teaspoons of sugar

My new favorite thing is to do these bento box-style I made some chicken lettuce wraps So mom can take some fresh lettuce and just pack it up, put the chicken in here Maybe they have the kids in the kitchen in that morning to help them because they cut up their veggies and carrots and there I think it's a lot of fun

Kids love assembling things Lettuce is a fun alternative to your whole wheat wraps and just bread in general So I think it's a really great idea I love the superhero bites So that flax and chia seeds provide omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart

And your little sushi peanut butter chocolate banana rolls I absolutely loved It's a awesome treat there This meal's, I think, going to send your kid into a food coma, which is not what we want We have the high salt, highly processed meat topping with all that cheese, tons of saturated fat, and a crust that probably has 0 nutrients left There's no fiber there, right? And then pairing that with your pop, which can have up to 39 grams of sugar just in this little can here

I know it's pretty intense And then you pair that with your Fruit Roll-Up, which has another decent dose of sugar That combined there is 115 teaspoons Starting with our homemade pizza, if you will

I love that it's the whole wheat crust Again, you're going to get your fiber and some of your b-vitamins there And then getting up to our turkey meatballs, which are a great lean alternative from ground beef So this is a great idea here I absolutely love these

These are a delicious, nutritious snack One ingredient there, there's 17 ingredients here There's no question which is better Apples and oranges Right, exactly

So if you guys want all of these recipes that we swapped out here today and taught you how to cook a little bit healthier, you can go to cookmorecom [MUSIC PLAYING]


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