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So day three of depletion and I've run run out of raspberries So compensated just with more strawberries still going blueberries and still got two little beggars I would like a little bit of the blueberry because I do like these cushiness Mm-hmm about you strawberries No, we're fucking biscuit We're not – my dog So we've got here Instead with these names sounds like you're doing a bad record scratching Bob scared dog scared of cats here comes Bob gear box gear blue break macros I'm going to use hundred and fifty 13 and a half protein ate carbs and half a gram fat I'm hungry remember such about volumizing remember I showed you This this we're going to talk about volumizing

So this is that kompot that shows you Marlena mention distance reduce down rhubarb and blackberries frozen blackberries blue bar per hundred grams of carbohydrate is 08 That's like 08 Then with the added few bit of blackberries in there just to give it some little bit of tartness It works out like per hundred grams

It's like probably a gram and a half of carbohydrate I want to put 50 grams on top of my yogurt I'm a fruit just a book Yeah, it's a bit, you know people flavor It doesn't even really need counting It's literally gonna be a gram of carbohydrate It's so low so low boy You might only diet foods super important because when you get hungry you get cranky when you get cranky get tachi With other people you just your mind doesn't function the same because you come here in duck a negative zone So volumizing is really important That's where kind of that macro Decision-making comes into play so they wanted Frosty's instead of having your usual porridge You're gonna get like this much Frosty's for this much porridge

You're going to be hungry quicker So you gonna get in grumpier quicker? So just be smart play things along you want something naughty trying to have it later in the day? When you're back up the bed something like that I said, they're all the fun stuff doesn't sustain you Anyway, that's it breakfast Boys ain't stinkers Holy shit girls sun shining ready three two one freedom No, are you institutionalized second meal of the day is a bobster special and it is a Bacon sandwich made healthy what's in it little lovey bacon medallions lean cut Yeah one of those Joseph's Pitters which are no pairs of only four grams of carbohydrate per pizza and then the protein jeez Protein cheese by its eat lean protein cheese, we can get protein cheese everywhere now in supermarkets Link in description, that's a weak meal number two Oh and that skier yogurt is actually really nice very very flavors there's a lot of protein yogurt and high-protein oats and basically just caught with bugger-all flavoring in them or quark quark heavy say Yogurts recommended and Lanie is literally a day away from a sneaky little show that she's running into haven't told anybody about this so no apparent reason I just felt that I just everyone, it's fortunately in the last one and I thought that maybe I just do this one a bit on the slide because It just takes a little bit of pressure off Well, you haven't breakfast Evan my second meal you want to do the transition punch the camera No better than that And there is the breakfast from the bobster these lean and bacon medallions are these from Moscow? Underneath we have the protein cheese Which I showed you on the same pizza wrap that I used to make the chicken and cheese kind of Wrapping everything and as always we've got the oats milk half as I shaved the option top chocolate which is like the low-fat low-sugar everything up chocolate and now shot a proper coffee from the Coffee corner and whipped and topped with a And oat milk is something you can just buy from the supermarket Unlike firstly message me asking how to make oat milk and then got mad and I told them it's from a supermarket, mate Or man, that's a man from the supermarket and man and apparently was a girl who message me She took offense to me saying man I've got everybody mine

I call Laney, dude Yeah, like you might not like it, but I do it You must been having a bad day Hope feeling better today, man Rush what you doing people mistake you for a boy Then first of all, what alerts do is go straight


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises