How human memory works and fails

It's time for spill the tea We're going to be testing the limits of your mind your memory your ability to learn to recall and to retell

The contestants are going to hear a story and then take turns sharing it with the next person They're going to be waiting in another room so you don't hear with your original story was a Boeing 747 had just taken off from Miami International Airport for Los Angeles when a passenger near the rear of the aircraft announced that the plane was being taken over by the People's Revolutionary Army for the liberation of the oppressed The hijacker held a 357 Magnum to the head of Jack Swanson a flight attendant and forced him to open the cockpit door there the hijacker confronted the pilot Jane Randall and ordered her to change course for Cuba The pilot radioed the Miami air traffic control center to report the situation but then suddenly hurled the microphone at the hijacker the hijacker fell backward through the open cockpit door and onto the floor where angry passengers took over from there the plane landed in Miami

A few minutes later and the hijacker was arrested a Boeing 747 was traveling from Miami International Airport to LAX in Los Angeles when a hijacker towards the rear of the plane from the People's terrorist group that's the name of the terrorist group the People's terrorist It's the one I remember he took a 7 no a what kind of magnum was it a 451 magnum He took a big gun it's like a magnum handgun to a steward a flight attendant's head His name was Jack Swanson

He brought him from the back of the plane to the front of the plane and demanded that the pilot open up the cockpit door so the pilot does And then the terrorist demands that the flight be rerouted to Cuba But as that's happening somebody takes a microphone and throws it at the terrorist He falls backwards and then the crew of the flight regains control of the airplane and they land safely back in Miami International Airport A Boeing 747 is flying from Miami international airport to LAX on the flight in the air in midflight terrorists from the people's terrorist group pulls out a Magnum some kind of number we don't remember but it's a big gun he takes hostage a flight attendant a male flight attendant named Jack Swanson which I only remember because a Ron Swanson from Park and Recreation

So he takes him hostage and pulls him from the back of the plane to the front of the plane to get into the cockpit using the stewardess well flight attendant to tell the pilot to open the door to the cockpit so he can go in The pilot lets them in because he doesn't want his flight attendant to die As he's pointed the gun at the stewardess flight attendant he wants them to redirect the flight to Cuba who want to redirect the flight the terrorist wants to redirect No the flight attendant just really wants to go to Cuba he might as well use it as a last wish The terrorist wants to go to Cuba in mid conversation

Somebody takes them between the three of them I don't know Somebody throws a microphone at the terrorists and it hits the terrorists I guess either the pilot or the flight attendant was able to get control of that gun So control of the plane got back to them So they relanded into Miami International Airport

There is a flight going from Miami to BEEP to LAX on the flight There is a terrorist from the People's terrorist group That name he made up The worst name

That's one of the things I remember the most because it's a ridiculous thing And so the terrorist is on this flight and captures the one of the flight attendants as his hostage named Ron Swanson and he has a magnum he drags the flight attendant from the back of the plane to the front of the plane to get into the cockpit and between the flight attendant the terrorist and the pilot they're in this cockpit and the terrorist says I want to redirect the flight to Cuba OK Judging the people's terrorist group are you Somehow this microphone gets in the way and they are able to avoid being diverted to Cuba and the pilot lands the plane in Miami

So let me read the actual story to all of you that the plane was being taken over by the People's Revolutionary Army for liberation of the oppressed So the opposite of the people's terrorist group the hijacker held a 357 Magnum there the hijacker confronted the pilot Jane Randall and ordered her to change course for Cuba I forgot the Pilot's name and the people's revolution arm for the liberation of the oppressed as a group we did well but we failed because Colin failed us and not because of anyone else I probably had to remember 15 key things I think you only had to remember about 10 or 11

Each time as each person had to remember the next thing we had to remember fewer number of things So what you all are describing here is leveling Each time we remember a memory certain details drop off and it's kind of simplified So a lot of the details about the Boeing plane TWA the pilot who the person is some of these details get leveled off and they get simplified but at the same time certain things carried Throughout everyone's Like the people's terrorist group

The word terrorist was never mentioned in the original script Think it's like an anecdotal association right like a hijacker on a plane We tend to associate that with a terrorist Yeah that's assimilation that's where we take information and we combine it with stuff we already know to sort of fill in the blanks there So the word terrorist wasn't mentioned but it's something that often comes up in this story because it's a part of these ideas that we have about hijackers

There's a lot of stuff like Cuba that there was a hijacking the flight attendant a lot of that stuff really stuck out and we call that sharpening where certain details really stick out in a story and carry it through and that sort of did happen here Yes it did We think that memory is this perfect recollection this perfect record like we're passing this paper back and forth but it's not Every time we think of something we recreate that memory just like we did between each person and each time we do new information is added certain details get sharpened and some things get leveled off and sometimes we add in our own stuff Here's how you can play at home

Find a friend and ask them to recall a memory, an important event that you both experienced Write down the details and then compare your notes see how similar they are What's been leveled what's been sharpened and what's been assimilated All of our memories will be different Yes they will

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