How To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight On a Budget

Do you also wonder about how to eat healthy, how to lose weight, and how to do it all on a low budget? Well wonder no more because in this video I’m going to share with you my 7 tips (not 8) 7 tips on how to do all that

So stay tuned Hi everyone, I’m Roswitha from RoswithaHermancom and each week, actually each Thursday, I’m gonna teach you how to be the most successful woman you know Why do you think so many people struggle with weight loss? Reason number one because they have the wrong goal You see the goal should never be to lose weight but to be healthy because when you’re healthy not only you look good, you feel good, you have all the energy, you’re vibrant, you’re positive, you’re more successful, but you also lose weight by default

Why you might say? Because losing weight occurs naturally until you hit your ideal body shape and size, which by the way might not be the one that you’re dreaming of because you might not be genetically programmed to look like Heidi Klum, or I don’t know who else, but you don’t have to because each of us has this amazing unique body shape and body size and we should all learn to love it more The objective here is to be healthy because by being healthy you’re going to lose all the extra weight way easier and you’re going to keep it that way you’re going to keep your ideal body weight you’re not going to struggle to go up and down up and down because that’s why most people struggle with, because they always up and down because they don’t have the right goal which is? To be healthy! YES, you’re right! The second reason why people don’t lose weight is because they believe food is so expensive Healthy food is so expensive What do you believe? I’m really curious Do you believe eating healthy is expensive? If you do, drop me a comment below and just say YES or NO because I’m really curious to know what you think

Because what I think is that you can totally eat healthy, it’s very cheap actually, you can eat healthier cheaper than going to the fast food stores or the fast food places How? Well let me teach you my seven tips on how I do it and how I always did it because even if my life has changed I’m still frugal and I still respect money and I love to find great bargains This is just how I am Tip number one: check your stores for discounts for sales Okay I know it sounds super obvious but I’m not meaning about all the sales I’m talking about fruits and veggies because those are very healthy for you and those are the things people usually avoid because they’re too expensive

So what I want you to do each week is to check for the week ahead, like on Sunday, check which fruits and which veggies are on sale the next week and compare prices with other stores so you know where to go to buy what you need because whatever is reduced it means it’s in season that’s why it’s reduced because they don’t have to pay shipping to ship it from whatever country to bring it on your table maybe they grow it locally That’s why they can cut expenses so it’s cheaper for you to buy That’s the first tip! Look for that! So whenever you’re buying fruits and veggies that are in season then you can save a lot of money because they’re gonna be cheaper so again don’t buy Tomatoes the wintertime because it’s going to be super expensive because nobody grows tomatoes in the wintertime so they would have to ship it from someplace warm and then you’re going to have to pay that extra money So don’t eat tomatoes in the winter time, in the winter time you’re going to eat tomato paste, tomato juice, etc but not the tomato itself

Also don’t buy like for example avocado Avocado is not a year-round food because it’s only for the season so whenever you’re going to see see that the price of avocado is going to be lower go and eat avocado and then just enjoy it for a month and then you’re going to buy something else I always buy in season meaning I’m not going eat the same thing all year round because it will be super expensive so I’m eating whatever it’s in season that month, or that period of time and I’m just enjoying it because it’s going to be cheaper for me to buy it and my body doesn’t need that fruit or that veggie all year long, it needs variety so by doing this you’re going to be very very healthy and you’re going to experiment with so many other fruits and veggies instead of just going for your regular ones because you’re scared to try anything else That was my second tip My third tip is pre-plan your weekly meals and have a grocery shopping list

And I’m gonna talk more about grocery tips in another video so make sure you check that one, but until then what I want you to do is on Sunday or Saturday just sit down for a couple of minutes with your family or alone and just think “what do I feel like eating?” and have a plan for your breakfast You can have a protein shake which is easy to make and fast, you can have eggs with something (again very fast) Know what you want to have for breakfast, then know what you want to have for lunch or dinner Maybe you just want a salad for lunch or maybe you want a sandwich Well what would you like on your sandwich? You need to buy a bread, you need to buy tomatos, you need to buy some salad, whatever you need just make a list

Then for dinner, what do you feel like eating? Do you feel like eating pasta, do you feel like eating rice with veggies, do you feel like eating (I don’t know) a stew? Just put down all the things that you feel like eating then check, you know the first step, check for sales to see what’s in season, and then also use Google or YouTube to type in to look for recipes that would have whatever veggies and fruits are in season So for example, if I’m craving pasta with veggies I’m going to look now to see what veggies are on sale this month, the month of July, and I’m going to see that maybe they have on sale eggplant and zucchini are on sale now or I don’t know what else (asparagus I think it’s on sale now) so I’m just going to go and I’m going to look for recipes like pasta with asparagus, pasta with eggplant, pasta with zucchini, and see what pops up and then I’m going to (if I don’t have all the ingredients at home) I’m just going to put them, all the extra ingredients that I need on my grocery shopping list – I know exactly what I’m buying I know exactly what I’m going to be cooking This was my third tip Tip number four: Read the labels! My advice: don’t buy too many prepackaged foods just buy the fruit itself or the veggie itself especially again when we’re talking about spring, summer, autumn when there are a lot of fruits and veggies depending on where you live Winter time, not so much so then we need to be smart and just buy prepackaged foods and when you do buy prepackaged foods make sure they have five or less ingredients

Why? Because usually if they have more than five ingredients they’re going to have a lot of weird words that you don’t understand and if you don’t understand what they mean it means that your body will probably have a harder time processing them so don’t buy anything that has too many ingredients that you cannot spell or you don’t understand Also look for prepackaged foods that do not have sugar added or any sugar substitute or if you’re gluten-free that they don’t have any wheat or you know gluten added to it or if you’re lactose intolerant again look for things that have no lactose in Just check the label, it is so important I actually saved 50% on buying corn, like canned corn, because I checked the label because the big brand that you will see advertised everywhere had sugar added and I knew I don’t want corn to have sugar added (corn is already sweet) so then I took all the labels, like I took all the brands on the shelf, and I checked all the ingredients for this canned corn and actually the cheaper brand, the store-bought brand, had no sugar added and I bought that one It was 50% cheaper than the big brand, so that’s how you save a lot of money by just reading the labels

Tip number five: know what you need to buy organic and what you do it to buy organic Do I’m sure you probably know that in order to eat healthy you should buy all your fruits and veggies organic, like without pesticides, without being GMO, and all that things Which is good and it’s actually very accurate BUT not all the fruits and veggies need to be organic, so I’m going to show you twelve fruits and veggies that you do need to buy organic because they do have a lot of pesticides sprayed on and I’m gonna tell you also twelve fruits and veggies and (also in the description below) that you do not need to buy organic because they have something that you peel and you don’t eat that so even if they might be sprayed on you’re not gonna eat that thing, so again this will save you a lot of money For example, bananas, you do not need to buy organic bananas because we only need what’s inside a banana so again save your money and buy like for example, organic strawberries, because those are very contaminated so those you might need a good supplier for

Bananas not so much, so go buy some cheap bananas, they are good for you Tip number six: know how to store your foods Again a lot of people get disappointed because their foods go bad super fast and they feel like they wasted money or they’re just throwing away food when other people are starving in the world So knowing how to store them is super critical for saving your money First, some easy easy tips

If you want to know more about this, please let me know in a comment below, and I will do another video on exactly what fruits to store and how and what veggies, but for now just know this: in your fridge always store things that have similar colors For example your greens with your greens, your reds with your reds Do not mix and match, do not put everything in the same basket because they will go bad faster I have two containers in my fridge and in one I always store things that are green or white and in the other one I just store carrots, tomatoes, things that are red or orange you know that these things I store in the other container Also, not everything needs to be stored in the fridge

For example, tomatoes don’t So bananas and tomatoes and avocados I leave them on my counter but I don’t put them together So bananas I put them with lemons Why? Because they have the same color Avocado I put it alone because if I put avocado with tomatoes avocado will go bad faster, and tomatoes again I leave that by themselves because otherwise they will darken my bananas, or you know get my bananas spoiled

So you need to color coordinate This would be like the easiest tip you can do and if you want more this again I can do another video And lastly tip number seven on how to eat healthy lose weight and do it on a budget is knowing how to combine your food because otherwise you’re going to have a very poor digestion, and your body will be without energy and you gain fat and you’re not going to feel good so we don’t want that, right? We want to know how to combine effectively So don’t combine the fruits with your foods just eat fruits as they are That’s going to be the best thing ever I know people are showing a lot of recipes where you combine the fruits with salads and stuff Don’t

Try not to Try to eat fruits as they are Second don’t combine starches with proteins, for example meat with potatoes NO NO

Combine the meat with salads, something green, it’s going to be so much better for your digestion It’s super easy And the last tip is don’t drink with your meals because when you drink with your meals you’re going to dilute your digestive liquids in your stomach and that’s only going to make for a poor digestion so don’t drink with your meals drink 30 minutes before you’re going to eat or 30 minutes after you’ve ate This way you’re going to ease your digestion a lot So that was my tip, if you want to know more about combining let me know in comment below and I’m gonna do a whole new video on exactly what to combine with what so you know exactly what I mean So this was all, these were my seven tips on how to stay healthy and eat healthy, how to lose weight because if you’re healthy you can lose weight by default and, how to do it all on a very low budget you can lose weight by default and how to do it all on a very low budget because it is possible so let me know if you like this video please hit the like you subscribe and you’re gonna know exactly when I’m launching a new video you subscribe and you’re gonna know exactly what I’m launching a new video and how to be sugar-free and how to be gluten free and what does that mean and why is that good for you so oh and other videos please watch them amazing week bye


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