How to Make Dog Food : Understanding Vitamin Supplements for Dogs

Hi! This is Elise McMahon for Expert Villagecom and in this video series we are talking about how to make your own dog food

If you would like to find out more about my services, you can visit my website at canineheadstartcom So we are going to be talking a little bit now about supplements One reason that some people are afraid of getting involved in making their own dog food is that they are worried that they are going to be feeding their dog a complete and balanced diet So they get dependent on pre-made kibble or dog food, can dog food

You can certainly feed your dog a complete nutritional diet by cooking your own food and if you are worried about it or if you have a special needs dog, you might want to add some supplements I have got a couple of examples of supplements This is something called fresh factors This is a great general supplement, but it is also very, very good for joint health The ingredients are fresh liver

Let us see where we have the ingredient list here Yeast culture, bee pollen, pork liver, chondroitin sulfates, vitamin C, kelp and biotin; great all around general supplements not going to throw the nutritional balance of the dog food off that you are making Another example of a pretty general supplement is an all natural dog supplement It has got a fairly long list of ingredients including flaxseed, nutritional yeast culture, liver, various amino acid enzymes, and garlic One thing you want to be careful about is you do not over supplement your dog

You can actually go to a vet who is a nutritional expert and talk about a good balance if you are making your own dog food


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