How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

Hello, welcome to Hero TV I'm Gerald Rogers and today we're going to be talking about how to motivate yourself to lose weight

Are you stuck in a body that is not what you want it to be? maybe you're carrying a little extra weight around the gut maybe look in the mirror and there's, you know, there's a few extra folds and wrinkles here and there How do you motivate yourself to lose weight? How do you motivate yourself to go to the gym? how do you motivate yourself to eat healthy? Today, I want to talk to you about some specific principles that will make losing weight ,and going to the gym, eating healthy, easy and effortless where does it begin? Number one, recognize that the results you're experiencing currently in your body, are nothing more than a reflection of what's going inside of you in your mind Now, why is that important to realize? there so often times where we tell ourselves sabotaging stories or beliefs and make it impossible to lose weight You know, I was at the gym a couple years ago when I first decided to step into more health

for a long time I just couldn't get myself to go to the gym, I couldn't get myself to exercise, I was feeling tired, I was feeling overweight, I was feeling exhausted, and I knew that something needed to change And I remember, I was at a at a park You know, and I was watching my kids I got four kids and I was watching them play on the playground and I remember just watching them and I was feeling exhausted I was like, "oh my gosh I don't have any energy to play with And at that moment, I realized that something has got to change

Something had to be different in my life because I was lacking confidence I was lacking certainty in my body, I wasn't feeling very attractive and and it was showing up in my life, and my business, and my relationships, that was showing up everywhere When I made the decision to change, I decided to go and get a membership at a gym When you go into the gym and you get a membership, it's pretty common that they'll set you up to meet with a personal trainer And as I was sitting down with this personal trainer, he shared with me something interesting, he shared with me and all of the people that set a goal that have a dream, that want to lose weight, or want to get a specific result in their body, those that do it on their own less than 3 to 5 percent ever succeed

And sure enough the more I looked into the statistics in the diet in this industry that tended to be the the reality Less than 3 to 5 percent ever got the result or went on a diet and had the changes stick long term Why is that? why is it that so few people succeed in losing the weight and keeping it off long term? here's the reason why Number one, a lot of times diets don't work because they're built on a faulty principle And the principle is this, just do what you want, don't want long enough, so that you get the results

But the challenges if you're doing what you don't want, if you're sacrificing, if your attempt to lose weight is built on self punishment, it's not going to last long term If your desire to lose weight feels painful, feels heavy, feels hard, just like I'm just going to sacrifice something not eat that cookie I'm going to starve myself until I lose that weight, till I fit in that bikini, that's, that's what I always tell myself is like if I could only fit in the bikini If you are doing something you don't like you're not going to be able to sustain that long term, because psychologically your brain says no this sucks and understand that your willpower is never enough to overcome your underlying internal beliefs And so recognize it sacrificing punishing yourself, being masochistic in your self discipline and forcing yourself to do things that you don't want it's not going to work long term so stop it This is why most diets are complete, you know, bogus

Because it doesn't fill the core need Instead, motivating yourself to lose weight has got to be based on self-love It's got to be based on a nurturing approach to taking care of your body If you view your body as your enemy, your body will continue to show up in rebellion to your desires We're going to repeat that

If you see your body as an enemy, if you see yourself fighting against your body, if you see yourself judging your body, if you see yourself punishing your body, your body will rebel as it relates to you losing the weight or stepping into that sexy healthy powerful being that you want to be Instead, you need to realize that your body is your greatest tool ,your greatest asset in life Your body is this this amazing incredible temple through which you get to experience earth school, through which you get to experience every day Your body has sustained you up to this point regardless of the self abuse that you've given it in the past It's time that you begin healing that relationship with your body, it's time that you start loving and honoring and respecting that body with the choice that you make and this is, the, this is the most important key

Because once you love yourself fully, once you love the body that you you live in, the body that you wear right now, once you love and honor it and respect it as the miracle that it is, the moment you love the curves and the skin and the wrinkles and and every aspect of you, if you love yourself, you will take care of yourself It's natural welcome If you truly loved and honored yourself, there would be no temptation to stick that Twinkie in your mouth There would be no temptation to go and get a Big Mac from McDonald's because you would energetically know that those are torturing your body Those are abusing your body

Just like overdosing on alcohol, or tobacco, or drugs, those don't serve at all When you love your body, you would never do that If you love your body, you would naturally make sure that you have all the water that your body needs, you would naturally have this desire to eat healthy green living food, you would naturally have a desire to go to the gym and workout Why? because our bodies inherently crave health and greater health And it's amazing because once we step into self love, then a lot of even the sickness and disease that we experience in our body is released

Energetically, we begin to heal from all of these things Simply through self-love So the self love looks like on a daily basis making sure that you listen to your body and you have a conversation with your body You ask your body, well what do you want right now? what type of food would really serve and honor you right now? and you see a choice given to you where you have junk food or you have potato chips or you have that greasy fat food whatever it might be, ask your body, is this something that really honors me? is this something that you want right now? and your body will let you know if it really serves or not If you're in this conversation with your body you can ask, wow, what do I what I get to do today to create more movement in my body? and in that, you'll start to learn to love exercise and working out and moving your body

And that might look different based on who you are For some people, they love running I, years ago, I used to hate running I used to hate it But now I've gotten to the point where if I don't run, if I don't work out, my body feels like I've been missing something

So I've learned my mind now thinks about exercising Going to the gym it's fun, it's enjoyable, right? And listen to all these words because these are the words that when you focus on the energy of these words, you'll notice that taking care of your body is the easiest thing in the world You don't have to force yourself to go to the gym Instead, there's this natural motivation that comes because of a belief that says, "I love working out, I love honoring my body every day I get stronger and stronger I love the feeling I have after I go to the gym

I love how it clears my mind" And as you focus on those beliefs, then all of a sudden, you become aligned with all of the actions that make, make, the results come easily And, and then, the other thing that's important is just making sure you have the support you need You know, as I was meeting with this personal trainer, he said that, "without any support, without personal trainers, less than three to five percent succeed But those that actually hire support, those actually have a team, does that actually get some accountability, then there's something like an 87% success rate" Why? because you have the coaching, you have the training, you have the support that's needed to move forward

And the final thing that I'll offer, as, as a principle of living health, is making sure that you constantly reinforce your successes That every time you do something that's healthy, you feel it in your body and you experience this joy that comes from being alive Just love your body as it is right now, and the more you can love it as it is right now, the more joy and abundance you feel in it as it is right now, the easier it will be to shape that body to be whatever you want it to be So hopefully that serves you Love yourself fully, enjoy your body

Enjoy the experience of being alive because you are a miracle and you only have one life to live so live big Well I hope you enjoyed this video on hero TV today and it's fun to have Gerald in doing this video because there's a few years ago that we did a fitness nutrition program, you know, I just brought back a lot of memories having this conversation I'm down in the description to find a lot of helpful resources We have videos like this every single day so be sure to subscribe And remember to live on purpose, make a difference, and be the hero!


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