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– (bleeping) it, oh – Yeah

– Sorry The ice is melting, get – You know – Girl – Oh

Girl, mother of God – Do you, you don't work out on vacation? – Is this how you thought this segment would go, or? (upbeat music) – Hey guys, you're watching My Most Delish And I'm here with Jillian Michaels and she's gonna show us her killer smoothie bowl recipe – Oh yeah – Let's be honest, I'm the best, I am

This chocolate almond smoothie bowl is the best bowl ever – What makes yours better that anyone else's? – Well, first of all, it's chocolate and nut butter, so, I mean – Kind of like a Reece's cup? – You can't really go wrong there Mine is really good because in all transparency I work with chefs to help me create my recipes – Oh

– 'Cause I'm not a cook – That's good to hear because I'm like, oh, I know a great smoothie, it's at my mall food court and it's like 50% frozen yogurt – Okay team, so almond milk, check But you can also do this with coconut milk Cocoa powder, check

This is actually a doctor Axe product, it's bone broth protein, bam – Whenever I hear bone broth protein powder though, I think like ground bones of our ancestors – Any stock for a vegetable soup often has, like is in bone broth Unless it's totally vegan – So will that give this like a chicken soupy flavor? – Not at all, no

Alright, now, vanilla extract Just a little bit of this bad boy right here – Yeah – Now we have grade B maple syrup – Alright

– Almond butter Almond butter we know is great for heart health, actually It helps to make you feel more satiated – I'm the type who is always after like second breakfast, and then prelunch, and then lunch, so – Second dinner

– Exactly – I with you – I live that hobbit life ♪ Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in stew, ♪ ♪ stick 'em in a stew, stick 'em in a stew ♪ – I'm with you girl

A half of a banana I like to do the ice thing, I don't like to put too much 'cause I don't like it to get too like watery when it– – Yeah – When it warms up – Yeah, no one wants like an icy – So, I'm gonna do like a, oh, alright there we go

Watch out, incoming (bleeping) it, oh – Yeah – Sorry – No, you can say what you want here

– Mother of God, there we go, alright, I got it – Alright, yeah, get You know – Girl – Oh

– Girl – What am I doing to you? – You're setting me up to fail here What the (bleeping) am I here for? Alright, let's see how we do with this – This is just a challenge – Oh, we need more ice

– You can overcome it – How did they go to the emergency room? Well, Jillian stabbed her with a knife (laughing) And then – It actually had nothing to do with the ice I just got so annoying that she stabbed me

– Okay, let's go – Boom – Maybe we could put a couple more ice chips in there – Okay – Maybe a couple more

– It's got a good consistency – Yeah – Oop – This is your fault – That is my fault, I'll take the blame for that one

– Is this how you thought this segment would go, or? – Yes – Okay, good – You know I just try to plan little challenges, I wanted to test your strength, give you a little workout – Perfect, excellent Do you think I put in too much ice? – Oh, there it goes, there it goes

– There we go, yeah, yeah – No, no – Let's go back to that setting 'cause it was better – Yeah – There we are

Alright, are we ready? – Yes – Perfect Alright, let's see Get that off – Okay, on it

(laughing) – Perfect – See you do this to make me feel useful – Oh, I just wanted to make sure you knew your way, that you were legit – Exactly – Now I know you are, okay

– Now I know what bootcamp with you would be like – Oh, you've, it's worse than you could ever imagine Be (bleeping) man that you should be Be the man that you can be, bend your knees Alright, so now we're pouring, here we go, and

– Oh, it kinda looks like a Wendy's frosty – Doesn't it? – Yeah, it's making me– – Yeah, see – Now are you the type where you get these like Instagram ready when you're making a smoothie? Like you make the fancy little lines – Oh, hell no All my favorite food bloggers I'll like borrow the photo, give them the credit for the photo, and then talk about the health benefits of their dish

– Love it – None – You're a fraud – I'm not an art, I am a fraud And then a little bit of the cocoa nibs there

Oh, you're doing yours like – I'm trying to follow your picture – You're doing yours like you're like hardcore Ooh (laughing) – [Candice] Dun, dun, dun

– [Jillian] 'Kay, wait a second – Here, it's salvageable, we can do this, we can do this – Alright – There we go Ooh, there's another banana in there, bonus banana

– That's yours Hers looks better than mine But nevertheless all this stuff is really good for you and it doesn't matter how it looks – Alright – That's delicious

– A work of art My bananas are sinking – It's almost like you like have a cooking show, sort of – It's almost like I've done this before – Yeah

– You have, with who? – Uh oh (menacing music) No, no, no We've done, we've made smoothies before Just regular, in a cup, like where it's 1998 or something Before we continue though, I do have to ask in your, like before we dig in

– The ice is melting – But quickly, quickly – Could you try it and then ask? – Okay, alright – That's got a little too much ice – Mm

It could use less ice Sorry, I'm talking to my publicist, I'm going to blame her 'cause she should've stopped me – She just (hard rock music) – What was the question? – Well first I wanna enjoy this smoothie bowl, mm (laughing) – You have this recipe on your app, and all of these you know workout plans, and everything

So, you basically can workout wherever you are? – Yes – What's the weirdest place that you've ever worked out? – Oh, ever worked out I was like where are you going with this – Do you work out in planes? Do you workout on boats? Do you work out? – Oh, I have trained friends on boats – Really? – I've done that, I've trained people

I just can't be bothered personally – Oh, so you don't, do you, you don't workout on vacation? (laughing) – What's the word that you just said? – Vacation – Vacation – I'm stunned – Candice, it's a vacation

It's by definition, it's a (bleeping) break – I think I love you – Can't I just do nothing? – You've officially converted me, I didn't think it was possible 'cause at first I was skeptical about the bone broth protein powder but – Does it taste like chicken soup? – No, no Thank you guys for watching My Most Delish

Check out Jillian's app, My Fitness – Yeah – You can get the recipe there – Yeah (classical music)


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healthy exercises

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