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I don't know if you're like me or not, but when it comes to losing weight, I've tried it all I've downloaded the apps to track calories and macros only to find that my man diet was still in excess of about a billion calories

They didn't help I've tried all the fad diets They didn't last long "Yeah I'm on the hungry fat guy diet"

"You're going to finish that?" I’ve even subjected myself to the inhumane treatment of a few personal trainers "Get up maggot It's burpee time You owe me 1,000"

I've never been so sore After all that, everyone including my personal trainer said, "It's not rocket science You just need to eat less and exercise more" "Yeah, right" They must not understand what it's like to be a crazy starving man at the feast we call family dinner

"Honey, would you like some more mashed potatoes?" Or they don’t work with a crew that doesn't skip a single Muffin Monday, Taco Tuesday, Weenie Wednesday, Teppanyaki Thursday or Free Fries Friday In short, nothing worked until I found Svêlo The problem with dieting is, it's absolutely unsustainable to live in a constant state of hunger I've found that with every new diet, I would lose some weight in the beginning, but a hungry man counting calories is no match for an accessible pile of donuts

With Svêlo, that cycle of caving to temptation is a thing of the past Svêlo contains a powerful satiety aid ingredient in the form of a potato protein extract When you drink a Svêlo shake, this extract increases the release of a satiety hormone known as Cholecystokinin In other words, Svêlo sends a message to your brain telling you that you're full and the effects can last up to 4 hours "Honey, would you like a big piece or a little piece?"

"None for me Thanks babe" Svêlo also contains a powerful metabolism booster This scientifically reviewed extract is derived from immature bitter orange But don't let the name fool you

Svêlo tastes so good, you'll find yourself lying just so you can keep it to yourself "Dad Can I have some?" "You wouldn't like it It's one of those gross protein shakes"

If you're like me, you used to be able to eat whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted But after starting your career and spending hours a day sitting at a desk, it's like your metabolism just crashed But now all those hours you spend bouncing balls may start to pay off as you finally burn fat and increase lean muscle Some studies have even reported significantly improved athletic performance "Nailed it"

Finally, Svêlo's packed with high-quality whey protein, fiber, and it includes essential vitamins and minerals from A to Zinc That's a whole meal in only 100 calories Imagine how many calories you could cut if just once per day you could prepare a shake quickly and easily, drink it on the run and not be hungry for 4 hours If you're ready to burn more and eat less so that you can slim down and shape up, Svêlo's just the stuff you've been waiting for Go to sveloshakes

com today and pick up a bag for yourself "Honey, aren't you going to have one?" "No I'm good"


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