Memory Loss: Can Your Memory Go Completely?

We all love to hear our favourite song, especially when stuck in traffic And even it's been years since you last heard it, the words flood back to you

Yet, when it comes to other things, it seems far too easy to forget Like your anniversary Or, the size of that fish you caught So, why do some things slip your mind, while others don't? Well, when you use your memory, you're relying on different parts of your memory network

like an orchestra, filled with different instruments So, if you get a question right at the local pub quiz, you're using your 'fact' memory Tell your best friend about your first kiss, that's your 'event' memory Fix the leak under the sink, you're relying on your 'procedural' memory You even have an 'emotional' memory, which leaves you with a feeling, even if you can't remember the details

And this is where losing your memory enters the equation Because even if you do have a memory problem, scientists are finding you still retain emotional memory In California, researchers studied 95 people with dementia, asking them to recall moments from their lives that gave a strong emotional response They then checked with family members to confirm the memories were correct And in most cases, they were correct

The person's emotional memory stayed intact, even if other parts struggled And that's important to remember Because even though your aunt doesn't recall your visit from last week, it doesn't mean she's forgotten she may have a pleasant feeling or an emotional memory Which is why it's important to keep visiting her And when you do, ask about her childhood, because older memories stay with us longer, a concept scientists call the 'reminiscence bump' What's more, remembering can leave her feeling good, so the next time you visit she'll be happy to see you, even if she doesn't recognise you So, take comfort

Your memory won't ever go completely, any more than taking one instrument out of an orchestra makes the music stop You'll not only recall those favourite songs, you'll remember the feeling you had when you first heard them

Source: Youtube


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