My Diet Plan, How to Lose Weight Fast and Diet Tips 2015

BREAKFAST!!! What's going on everyone it's (yawn) What's going on everyone? This is Carlo The Solution as in the Solution to fitness and today, I'm going to be sharing with you, my meal plan Now today I'm going to walk you thru my meal plan as my NPC Men's Physique Competition draws near So unless you're competing, you don't really have to have a precise count on your macros but if your overall goal is to lose weight, you can take bits and pieces of the information I'm giving you and incorporate it into your own diet This diet routine is broken into 6 meals a day this allows me to hit my goal

So without further adieu let's get started because I'm starving So for my first meal, I have my Egg Whites One egg I got Spinach, my oatmeal, and one slice of Ezekiel Bread Alright, so I usually do about 5 Egg Whites So that's the equivalent of 4 ounces in this ounce cup I'll throw some spinach in there Chop it up

This is a good pot Some people put it all in one shot, in one frying pan, I just like to do it like this As you can see, the Egg Whites are starting to look a little plump Oh no, only got one left Gotta go shopping, So your ending result should be something like this Oooh, looks good

I recommend replacing your table salt with this Cayenne Pepper I literally put this in everything Among the many other health benefits it has, this is a handy spice that helps speed up your metabolism and quickly helps the body burn excess fats It's a little spicy, but I'm used to it

So you guys should give it a shot Now we're gonna start with the Oatmeal This is a very useful ladle, this is an Easy Measure Ladle This is the equivalent to a cup So I'm gonna put a cup dry

It usually depends on what I'm working on, today I'm doing legs and I'm gonna need a lot of energy So I'm gonna put a cup in there, if not I'd usually go a little less I already put the water in here, it's about 7 ounces This Oatmeal is really good cause it also has no sodium in it Alright, so I'm gonna microwave this for a minute Stir, and then microwave for another 30 seconds

Let's see what we got Alright, so just took it out of the microwave This is what we got I like to put Cinnamon Mix that bad boy up and voilà Got yourself an awesome, healthy breakfast

I like a lot of Cinnamon Alright, so now I'm getting ready to go to the gym Now, this is about an hour after my breakfast I like to make my protein BEFORE I go to the gym so I can just drink it up right after So this is my protein here

Gold Standard Whey Any protein will do, honestly Wal-Mart Whey Protein will do It's all the same, I just get this for the same price and it has more servings I have 8 ounces, this is the last time I'm going to use this ounce glass This Banana weighs exactly 3

4 ounces, which is just the right amount of Carbs I need after my workout Don't overdo it with 2, 3, 4 scoops Just one scoop is fine This is about 24 grams of protein It's all you really need man, don't overdo it

You're just gonna be wasting your money I'll take this container with me to the gym Now, right after that, I'll make my Casein Protein This will be my last meal of the day About 6 ounces here

I like to make the Casein early, cause at the end of the day I'm beat and I don't wanna come down here, make a shake, and then wash the blender again, just do it all in one shot And store it away later Again, just one scoop, this is about 25 grams of protein And then I'll blend that right up, store it in the fridge, and then I'm off to the gym Alright, now we're at meal 3

Probably my most favorite meal of the day This is my Rice Cooker It's super convenient Probably the best invention since the calculator, in my opinion All you gotta do Is put the rice, this is a cup here

I usually put 2 scoops What I'm gonna have is 1 cup of rice, all I need to eat is 1 cup So I usually make 2 cups dry That usually lasts me about 3 days No salt, nothing Just make it just like this

It tastes just as good For me anyway So I just plug that in there and cook

And ready to go Leave that there for 15 mins It'll be done Now I have my Chicken Breast here This is Chicken Breast that I get from Wegmans

You wanna make sure they're not ones that have so much sodium in it and all that So make sure you check the Nutrition Facts So I'm gonna cut off some of this fat Now these are 2 breasts here, but I can cut these in half and I can have 2 now, 2 later Gonna weigh these after I'm done cooking

Now a lot of people eat bland chicken, I don't like bland chicken So these are the only seasoning that i'll use Garlic Powder and Cayenne Pepper Cayenne Pepper is back Now don't get confused, this is Garlic Powder, not Garlic Salt

I already told you about the Cayenne Pepper I told you I put it in everything I wasn't lying Now the frying pan we go Regular frying pan this time

You want a tablespoon of Olive Oil You gotta have your good fats too I only put one tablespoon This is a tablespoon right here Cause 14 grams of fat is good enough for me

Now I'm gonna make this bag of Broccoli This usually lasts me about 3 to 4 servings So I just take a handful of this and i'll just throw it in the microwave for 3 to 4 mins They're only a dollar a bag at Wegmans so, you can't beat that So the ending result should come out to something like this I like to add a little Spinach in my rice too

You know, kinda like how Chipotle puts their Cilantro in their rice, I like to put Spinach I didn't mention this in meal 1 Spinach is good for you too because it has a lot of health benefits as well but the main ones I'm looking at here is how high in fiber it is and it also helps speed up the metabolism It's got protein too Once again, I'll have my Cayenne Pepper

I'm telling you, I put this on everything, I'm serious I'm not afraid of a little ketchup I'll put a LITTLE LITTLE drop Just like that, that's all I need It'll smooth around the same way

I've been good, I haven't had a lot of sodium today So yeah That's how it should come out with practice I'm about to go out, but before I go I'm setting up meal 4 Which is basically Ezekiel Bread, one slice, toasted and this Organic Peanut Butter

This is really good Peanut Butter 2 tablespoons, you have 40 mg of sodium Really low, but I'm gonna have just one tablespoon, that's good enough One tablespoon will be 20 mg of sodium, 8 grams of fat Really not bad at all Smooth it out, make sure it's legit one scoop

This is gonna be so good, I'm so hungry This is it right here Now, if you feel like you're lacking in protein, like you didn't get enough protein in the day with this meal, sometimes I will add in this Light and Fit Greek Yogurt This is without a doubt, the best yogurt on the market I highly recommend this

You got 12 grams of protein, 8 grams of carbs, that's unheard of 55 mg of sodium, 0 fat It really doesn't get any better than this Most yogurts I see, it has somewhat high protein but really high in carbs This is really low carbed and really high protein So I definitely recommend getting this and it tastes so damn good! Now for meal 5, I would have the chicken that I made earlier It would just be the Chicken Breast that I had left over but this time, no rice just Broccoli on the side and that would be pretty much it and meal 6 would be the Casein Protein I made earlier Well that was meal plan video guys, I hope you liked it I didn't really plan on doing a meal plan video so early in the channel I kinda wanted to do more workout videos first so you could see my physique a little more but I got a lot of requests from, you know, friends and people at the gym about what do I eat and this and that

so I decided, I guess this would be a good time to put a video out In the future, I do plan to making a video discussing the breakdown of carbs, fats, and protein and how you can find out how much would be your daily goal Another video I'm planning on doing is a more in-depth discussion about sodium so subscribe to this channel and be on the lookout for that Just remember, if you're really trying to lose weight 30% is working out, 70% is in the kitchen So you have to make sure that you're eating right

That being said, if you liked my meal plan and learned something new, please like the video and share the video around if it's not too much to ask and subscribe to the channel so you can get more videos like this one Once again, this is Carlo The Solution saying if you got a problem, I'll help you solve it Your worst days are done and your best is yet to come


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