My Healthy Morning Routine (SUPPLEMENTS, BREAKFAST AND MORE!!)

Hi, guys! I'm trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women, and today we're going to talk about my morning routine You ready? Let's do it

So the discussion is in my kitchen today and we're going to talk about what I do every, single morning I am a creature of habit I've developed this over the years as I've gotten further along, and I have two kids now, I've got a husband to also attend to So when I wake up in the morning I love the morning to be quiet That's my favorite time of the day

So my morning routine is really important to me Right when I wake up I'll first go grab my apple cider vinegar, come down to the kitchen, and I do ¼ cup every morning, just straight shoot it in That's the very first thing I do every morning The benefits on apple cider vinegar are endless Do your research

There are so many benefits on how this can help digestion, help keep your immune support up a lot more So I do that every morning Then the next thing I do, I do a devotion every morning, and then as I'm having my devotion I make sure that I'm starting to work on my gallon of water So I have a gallon of water every day, and I don’t always use the big gallon Sometimes I'll use a shaker bottle, but then I can calculate throughout the day how many of these are equivalent to my gallon

So either, or I start working on my water first thing Then I will move into – I'll make sure to get my fish oil in I do that in the morning as a routine I don’t think it really matters when you do your fish oil, but I like to do it in the morning, knock it out so I don’t forget

So that's one of my tips there So I do that, then moving on, I make smoothies for almost everyone in my household on the daily I knock those out, and that's usually about the time when everybody needs to wake up anyway So it's actually a great alarm So I'll use protein powder, I'll put Greek yogurt, I'll put peanut butter in it, some ice, and then I'll blend it

I love this little Ninja here in the single serving size So I know exactly how much I'm getting, exactly how much my husband is getting, and my kids Then all I do is put it in my freezer, and then when they're ready to eat thy just pull it out and they consume their smoothie So that's the first stacked part of my morning When I'm done creating that first – that's probably within 3o to 45 minutes – then my final thing I do is my 'to do' list

As a business owner, a mom, a wife, juggling my own schedule with workouts, and training, and my nutrition, I like to create a 'to do' list So I want to know exactly what I have to do for the day, and I get organized, and then as I go throughout my day I don’t forget anything So those are my tips on my "Amy Jo – AJ's – morning routine" Leave comments below Let me know if you guys have any questions

This is what I do I'd love to hear what else you guys do that helps you get started in your day Let us know what would be helpful to continue to give you guys content with Thanks for joining me I'm Amy Jo

We'll see you next time Bye


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises