Pregnancy Exercises : How to Exercise While Breast-Feeding

Now that you've had your baby you've made the decision to breast feed, but you also want to get back into shape Hi everyone, I'm Carol Ann with Studio Group X and I'm going to talk to you about breastfeeding while exercising

So the first thing that you really want to grasp is that it took you ten months to go through your entire pregnancy, so it may take you about ten months to really get back to where you're feeling normal again So hold on to that thought Now while you are breastfeeding you want to make sure that during exercise you want to wear a supportive bra because, now that you are breastfeeding, your breasts are larger and it's a little different than what it was before so make sure you wear a good supportive bra Next, you want to make sure that you drink plenty of water to keep up your milk supply So when you're exercising, you do sweat and you start to maybe become dehydrated so you want to try to avoid that

Drink lots of water Now I know that you're really anxious and eager to lose your baby weight, so, but you want to take it gradually Especially, now that you're breastfeeding So a good guideline to really follow is about a pound a week, is what you want to kind of go at So you don't want to lose weight too fast, but because you are breastfeeding you want to make sure that you take in about two hundred to about three hundred calories extra during the day

Because you need to keep that energy up, but two hundred, three hundred calories is about the size of a bagel So you don't want to overdo it Next, the question here when you're exercising the buildup of lactic acid in your body and what does that do to the baby? Well, with mild exercise or moderate exercise there is no real huge increase in lactic acid And there is really no effect on the baby at all So exercise is really good to do while you're breastfeeding

And then, also you want to think about timing of breastfeeding with your exercise So make sure you breastfeed before you exercise and then you can also breastfeed after your exercise But if you are breastfeeding after you exercise the only thing is, is that babies, they tend to not like the salt on the breast so just think about rinsing off your breast after you work out and it's perfectly fine to go ahead and breastfeed your baby after you work out So those are little, quick tips that you can hold on to while you're exercising and breastfeeding during that time and I hope that really helps you Again, my name is Carol Ann with Studio Group X and enjoy that time with that precious baby

Good luck on your journey and getting back into shape


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healthy exercises

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