Pregnancy Tips : How to Exercise During Pregnancy

Do you want to feel better about yourself? Do you want to look good, stay in shape and cure some of the common ailments in pregnancy? I'm Dr Jill from Tampa, Florida here to tell you how to exercise in pregnancy

Exercising in pregnancy can be safe with a couple of rules Hopefully you have had an exercise regiment that you have been following and you are just going to be continuing through pregnancy I recommend if you have never exercised before and actually want to start when you are pregnant I recommend that too but not to the same degree Exercise is very healthy it improves your sleep, helps you feel better, controls your weight, decreases a lot of the symptoms that you are going to have from pregnancy The best way to do this is to make sure you pick a routine that keeps you safe, keeps your heart rate at a nice level and not to exceed 140 beats a minute

I usually tell my patients keep your heart rate less than 140 You should be able to talk in full sentences and be working out at the same time If you are struggling to breath or panting remember your baby is panting too so keep it light It is always safe to walk unless of course you have contraindications and your doctor will know if you do I wouldn't start like a new routine like don't start pumping iron if you have never done that before but make sure you choose things that will keep you active and safe

When I say safe I mean specifically if you are in the third trimester it is not good to go roller blading down the bay shore or biking You want to make sure you prevent yourself from falling So things that keep you stationary and moving but not where you could fall off something High impact aerobics, no no but if you are doing low impact, dance those are all very safe So it is o'kay to keep up your exercise routine in pregnancy and I actually recommend it

I'm Dr Jill from Tampa, Florida telling you it is safe to exercise in pregnancy


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises