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>>Hi everyone, I'm Andrea Orbeck, fitness expert and pregnancy fitness specialist I have with me today Carrie

She is in her second trimester Together, we're gonna show you some of the exercises you can do in your first, second, and third trimester We're gonna do a 10- minute circuit All you're gonna need is some water, 3- to 5- pound hand weights, and a good attitude So, we have 10 minutes on the clock

Here we go You're gonna start out with a little bit a big motor movements with your legs Carrie is gonna show a nice wide plie Shoulders down and back Palms up at your shoulders and we're gonna do squats for 15 repetitions where you go

Very good So, you know, it's a couple great things Good posture, nice open knees, and you're wanting to squat into your glutes through your heels and through the quads Very good This exercise is really gonna come in handy as you start to get heavier in your later trimesters; you'll need the strength in your legs

Very good Counting down five, four more, last three, awesome posture Two more from here and one Very good So now, we're gonna move in to the cardio component

A little bit closer, wide base of support 30 seconds on the clock Nice quick movements Where you go? Very good So this movement will not only continue to stimulate your legs and your quads, you'll also get a little bit more heart rate

It's very important to do your cardio simply because your system is working already You wanna be able to complement it Very good So you'll notice her weight's on her heels Shoulders down and back

Can you start feeling your heart rate? >>Oh yeah >>Very good Nice job You wanna make sure you're breathing nice and deep Five more

4 more seconds Three, two, and one So now, we're gonna move into dead lifts You wanna use 5- to 8- pound hand weights Nice and slow

15 repetitions through this movement Hinging at the hips Stand up nice and tall So your breathing pattern is to bend over Inhale and then exhale as you come up

Very good You'll notice that Carrie's posture is nice and tall at the top Shoulders down and back Knees are slightly bent Now, of course, if you get winded or you need a break, you go ahead and take it

Very good Dead lift are extremely important because as your center of gravity starts to change, you wanna be able to be able to practice bending over and standing up It's a very important skill to have This our last five, Carrie Very good with breath and posture

Four from here We have bent over rows coming up Last two Last one Standing, catch your breath

So the next one, we're gonna continue to complement that posture kinetic chain, which is your posture You're gonna bend on over nice and deep in the knees and then pull through Very good So, we're 15 repetitions again Now, of course, as you start to get very heavy in the boobs, there's gonna be a tendency to slouch

So, you wanna be able to make sure all these muscles are strong to oppose that slouch Very good posture Can you feel the back doing the work? Good Her setup is good She has five more from here

Last three Last two Good girl Last one So, we're gonna move back into that cardio component and a little bit of abs

Single arm, pull, elbows to knees, 15 seconds where you go on the clock and begin Excellent So, this is a great way to do standing core training to get all those rectus abdominis muscles and the deeper they're called transverse They help the core conditioning and your lower back Four more

Last three seconds Two and one Switching sides Very good Good

So, doing single- leg exercises can be beneficial because we compromise our stability If you feel that you need a chair close by, go ahead and use it Awesome posture Good speed Good

All right So, here you go I'm gonna have you do nice and tall biceps curl, shoulders down and back Very good So just because you're growing and all of your changes in your 40 weeks doesn't mean that you have to compromise your arms

It's really important to keep your core conditioning out We're gonna do five more from here Four more Very good Last three 'til triceps

Two and one Catch your breath We're gonna do bent over triceps at the back of the arms, pull into a row, and then go ahead for 15 repetitions Good Get those triceps at the back of the arms

Nicely done There's a lot of preparations as you prepare for childbirth You want your body as strong as you can Once your baby is delivered, of course you could choose to breast feed and you're gonna hold your baby for long periods of time You you're your upper body to be strong

Five more from here Four Last three Great posture Two and standing up

Very good Catch your breath We're gonna transition actually into postural specific muscles the rotator cuff Palms facing up Extend outward

Very good These are ones you should do as often as you can It helps oppose the slouch when that heavier bust and belly start to pull your forward Five more from here Four

Very good Last three Two, awesome, and one Okay, Carrie, ready for round 2? >>Yeah >>Good

So, we're gonna start from the top, round 2, the same movements We're gonna have plie squats 15 repetitions Very good Now, of course, if you're way more conditioning, you can add 5 to 10 repetitions on if you have the time

Otherwise, for the sake of the 10- minute workout, stick with the one we're showing you Very good Five more from here Four, very good Last three, two, and one

So, we'll hand up the weights Back to cardio 30 seconds on the clock Air squats Begin

Nice work Breathing is so very important and there's gonna be changes of course, not only the exercise induced, but pregnancy induced You're gonna feel that your body temperature changes You wanna make sure that you're finding a cool space to workout in and wearing clothes that aren't too tight Very nice

Good with the breathing Excellent posture Weight on your heels That's good And of course, any time you need a chair, you go ahead and use it

You have last three, two, one second Good job Catch your breath Back to dead lifts, round 2 You're ready to go? >>Yeah

>>15 Excellent So you'll notice that this movement is very familiar not only in the gym, but when you're picking up your child, picking up toys, bending down It's great to get in to those postural habits Your child is only gonna get larger and you're gonna need good form to pick him or her up

Very good Nice on the finish Nice tall posture at the top Good breathing is so important Excellent

Last five, four, three, two, and one Good Catch your breath From here, we're gonna go back into the bent over rows Nice hinge

Good And go ahead and pull Very good These will always come in handy We could always use a strong back especially when you start to have huge busts in the front

Those habits are gonna come in Very good We're counting 15 total Nice bent knees Good arched back

Last two Last one Excellent, lady Stand up nice and tall Wonderful

You're ready for abs again? >>Yeah >>Way you go 30 seconds in the clock Back into heart rate, alternating elbows to knees Here you go

Very good You'll notice she's breathing Nice tall posture Now, if you don't have great balance, you can always extend out your arm to balance In Carrie's sake, she's going into it with a lot of great balance

Five seconds, four, three, two, and switch it out if you feel ready Very good Now, if you feel like you need to take a break with your hands [ unk ] or need a sip of water, go ahead and do that and pick up when you're ready Excellent posture and breathing Two and one

Here we go Now that your heart rate's high, back to biceps Catch your breath Right from here, 15 repetitions Good

There's no need why we have to lose our tank top season even though our busts are big and our belly is getting big in the front Keep those arm strong You'll love the tone all throughout Excellent posture You're not losing your slouch

Love that you're staying nice and tall, and you'll notice she's breathing every single repetition Good We're using 5 If you feel you wanna opt out and your arms are really strong, go ahead and use 7 This is four more reps

Last three, two, awesome, and one Catch your breath You're gonna do triceps, bent over triceps extensions, pull in a row, and fully extend 15 repetitions Very good

Nice wide base of support You can opt out and do this sitting on a ball or a chair For the sake of stability, Carrie and I are gonna stay upright so that her lumbar gets a little bit of work on it too Excellent posture Shoulders down and back

Here we go Can you feel the back of your arms? >>Oh yeah >>Good girl Last one and stand on up nice and tall Very good

From here, back into our rotation Good job Excellent These are good ones to do even if you're not doing them in a circuit When you get up in the middle of the night or you're lying in bed, you can just open up your posture, it's hard to sleep when you get all slouchy, these are great movements to remedy it

Very good Last four Last three, last two, good girl, and one Are you ready for our cool down? >>Yeah >>Good

So we're gonna cool down by doing a little bit of stability work I'm gonna ask you to widen your base of support a little bit and then alternate doing a single hold hold There you go with the knee up and then slowly drop down Good So you'll notice when you lift the knee the other ankle change sides

Excellent When you pull off that knee, you'll notice the weightbearing leg has a little bit of shake to it There's nothing wrong with that It's great to have the stability especially later in your trimester when you start to get dizzy Very good stability

Last two Good girl Last one Carrie, you are awesome >>Thank you


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healthy exercises

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