Pregnancy Workouts: Easy Beginner Exercises | Parents

Today, I have Natalia with me She is in her third trimester and is gonna help show you some exercises that you can do first, second and third trimester

Now, remember of course when you're exercising, always talk to your doctor and make sure that there is the green light moving forward with any exercise program So the important thing is to set it up from the beginning with posture, shoulders down and back, nice tall high frame, hands in front like you're sleep walking, widen your base of support This is the beginning and the end position Go ahead and give me 12 Stand on up and slowly lower

So using a chair is great because you can use it for reference of depth and balance and it's a good fundamental way to use your quads correctly You can do this at the office or even in between when the commercials are on Nicely done Our second movement is rotator cuff It's super important to be able to have strong upper body

As you start to get heavier in your boobs and every day repetitions such as using your computer and driving your car, you can get slouchy Here's the setup Palms are facing up, nice tall frame, good, elbows bent in like Barbie and then from here, open up and then slowly rotate back in Very good You'll notice she has a nice curvature in her lower back, shoulders down and back, nice tall frame and you'll notice that she rotates backward

You even see the posture, shoulders down and back, it will really help during pregnancy as you get heavier and then after childbirth when you're holding your baby So again, if you do these two exercises quite frequently throughout your trimesters, you should be able to see and feel a difference in your posture


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises