Pregnancy Workouts: Third Trimester Fitness | Parents

-I'm happy that Natalia's here She is in her third trimester and she is going to help me show you some of the exercises that you can and should be doing in your third trimester to help in that ultimate marathon childbirth

Now of course, you're gonna want to get the green light from your doctor Once you do, these are four great things you can do to really help strengthen, condition and tone especially in the later months when the biggest changes of your life are there Here's the set up Natalia's gonna go ahead Good

Now, from there you wanna do alternating reverse lunges One leg at a time, you're gonna slowly reach back and then slowly stand on up Very good and then alternate Good So you'll notice that she's staying nice and tall with her posture

She's using the back of the chair to assist if you need, putting the weight through your heels and standing on up So, Natalia's gonna show you alternating glute work Here's how it looks, you're gonna extend out one leg Very good And then alternate through

Excellent Just because you're in your later trimesters, there's no reason why you should lose any strength and tone in your glutes Very good Last two, nice work Last one

Our third trimester usually is the time where we can start to feel a little bit more of the stress from the ever increasing belly The round ligament compromises a lot We're gonna show you a stretch that you can do to help kinda open it up On a chair, go ahead and sit around, good With a lot of security in your seat, put your hands behind your head and then go ahead and lean over, good

Can you feel the round ligament? You wanna hold gentle stretch and then go all the way over, very good So you should be able to open up and feel that flexibility So keeping your hands in this movie star pose, we're gonna go right into obliques We're not gonna hold like we did during the stretch, we're just gonna breathe and over and over from side to side leaning There you go and then with the breath, over you go

So you're just tilting, recruiting new oblique muscles to allow the body weight to tilt and then slowly roll all the way up


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises