[Preview] Professor Noakes: How to eat and exercise for health

For people who just on an everyday basis want to do some exercise to stay healthy is endurance exercise the kind of exercise they should be doing? That's a great question and I thought you were going to ask about diet so I have to answer the diet question first I think that the majority of recreational athletes would be much better on a high-fat diet and they shouldn't touch the carbohydrate diet

And our immense concern you go to these marathons and you see these people who are fat running four-hour marathons And you say, "Oh, but you are doing this exercise

Why are you still fat?" And obviously it's the diet So let's say you've know adopted your diet and you're eating a high-fat diet I tend to agree that more high intensity training is very beneficial

And the idea like we had and used to train two hours a day or more and run all these long distances I don't think that that's necessary Maybe if you want to run beyond marathon distance But for other reasons, I don't think for health you need to do that And I personally of course I did lots of running, but I am now a great advocate for CrossFit gyms, because I benefited so hugely from that And metabolically I think my body is in better shape as a consequence of a little bit of high intensity exercise twice a week

And it has to be 20 minutes, that's all So 40 minutes a week of really high intensity exercise, pushing quite heavy weights is probably as beneficial as running on a hard day That's what I'm beginning to think And I think from personal experience but I think also the scientific evidence is showing that short explosive bouts of exercise are incredibly healthy for us


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises