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Human reproduction is an incredibly complex system that involves both the male and female reproductive organs While most of us take a simplistic view of what reproduction involves, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye

As a prime example, the prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system, and while it is ideally located to serve its purpose, any irritation or swelling of the gland can cause problems with urination and the bladder It is also a gland prone to unusual growth and to developing cancer In this video, we are going to take an in-depth look at the function of the prostate, the benefits of a high quality prostate supplement, and whether prostate pills can help with issues like an enlarged prostate (also known as BPH) and prostate cancer Lastly, we are going to introduce you to the best prostate supplement available – PROSTATEASSURE by MIT NUTRA – and explain just why you'll want to add it to your daily diet today So, let's begin by looking at the function of the prostate and how prostate pills might provide you with ongoing health, reduce your chances of an enlarged prostate and support optimal bladder control

What's the Function of the Prostate? To understand how the best prostate supplement works, it requires you to understand the function of the prostate, and just how it also works As you will see, it is a vital part of human reproduction, but it is not without its issues There are certain problems that can occur with the prostate, and a prostate supplement can reduce risks and even undo some issues that occur So, what is the prostate? Experts describe it as a small, apricot or walnut sized gland responsible for secreting one fluid that is a key component in semen Yet, it is also equipped with specific muscles that help to move semen through and out of the urethra during ejaculation

The urethra is a duct that transports both urine and semen out of the body The prostate is located just below the bladder and it actually wraps around the urethra During sexual activity, the prostate knows to close off the connection to the bladder, release prostate fluid and move semen out of the body The fluid it creates is full of different enzymes, acids and minerals and it typically supports a longer lifespan for sperm to better enable pregnancy to occur When it functions properly and remains in peak health, a man remains unaware of the prostate

However, even the slightest swelling or trouble can make a man almost immediately aware that something is wrong This is often the time when prostate pills are considered, but as you might guess, it is actually long before any issues occur that a man can enjoy major benefits from the use of the best prostate supplement available Does it mean that a man dealing with prostate problems should not consider a prostate supplement? Not at all That too is the perfect time to find high quality prostate pills, but as the old wisdom tells us – an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure And what can go wrong where the prostate is concerned? To understand that, and learn just why the best prostate supplement is such a wise idea, let's move on to the issue of why men actually need a prostate supplement

Why Do Men Need Prostate Supplements? What reasons make it necessary for a man to require prostate pills? Firstly, there are the problems that can develop with the prostate itself, and they make it a wise idea to explore options in the best prostate supplements – enlarged prostate, cancer and other issues occur, but chances can be reduced with a reputable prostate supplement In reality, there are a few background issues you always need to consider: Aging – Experts tell us that by the age of 70-80 years of age, a man has a roughly 90% chance of developing Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH This is an enlargement of the prostate and it causes everything from weak urine streams, frequent trips to the bathroom (day and night) and dribbling urine uncontrollably You might also feel as if you need to urinate, strain to urinate, but pass very little urine and feel your bladder did not empty Family history – Unfortunately, prostate issues do seem to run in families

If a father or brother has developed some sort of prostate problem, it can be quite likely that you might also face it This alone is a good reason to source high quality prostate pills Cancer – Known as the most common cancer in men (along with skin cancer), experts say that one in every six men will be diagnosed with the condition Unfortunately, the chances for it increase with age, and the best prostate supplement can most definitely play a role in reducing risks, even if you have a family history of the condition Infection – Prostatitis is inflammation and/or infection of the prostate and though only ten percent of men develop it, it is something that can become a recurring and difficult issue

A prostate supplement might easily prevent the irritation that can lead to swelling and infection What's Enlarged Prostate? Earlier in this video, we mentioned enlarged prostate, also known as BPH It is a condition in which the prostate is larger than normal, or larger than it should be at that point in life Though you might hear a physician or other expert say that the prostate grows naturally with age and that prostate problems are just part of growing older, men should really consider prostate pills or the best prostate supplement as an essential part of their daily lives This is because BPH means that the growth is not at the expected rate, and this is going to create some discomfort and problems

It is not a cause of cancer, but it can lead to some health issues, including disrupted sleep, sex life and activity levels Physicians believe any over growth is related to hormones, and though not all men struggle with symptoms related to enlarged prostate, in time, they will This is why prostate pills at any age are a great idea Firstly, by supporting the health of the prostate, it means you do not struggle with the stress and strain of the urinary issues that are part of any prostate problem, such as an enlarged prostate This means you also sleep better since urinary frequency can be incredibly disruptive to healthy sleep

Don't overlook the fact that a prostate issue might also impair your libido and sex life, further adding to the strain of any issues By simply looking after prostate health, and using a comprehensive prostate supplement long before issues emerge, you can improve your chances at ongoing prostate health and function Other steps that can reduce risks for prostate problems include: A diet high in fruits and vegetables but low in saturated fat Practice good hygiene as poor hygiene can be an underlying cause for prostatitis Consider a screening – if your father or a brother has developed prostate cancer, it is a good idea to get a regular screening with your doctor Does it mean that the use of prostate pills can prevent cancer? At this time, experts seem to agree that even the very best prostate supplement cannot prevent it from occurring, but optimal health and the use of a beneficial prostate supplement can certainly improve the odds How to Prevent Prostate Cancer? As we said above, prostate cancer is an issue that seems to run in families Speaking with your physician, booking a screening and having regular checkups are all excellent measures

As yet, there is no evidence that sexual activity can help to prevent it from occurring, and instead, it is usually just basic awareness, attention and medical care that are the best methods for reducing risks Naturally, supplementing a low fat and high fiber diet with prostate pills is a fine idea, too And this is where we must turn our attention to the best prostate supplement available, PROSTATEASSURE by MIT NUTRA This is a scientifically formulated prostate supplement that offers more prostate support than any other on the market These prostate pills have been carefully designed to be fast acting and support urinary and sexual health as well as ensuring a general sense of well-being

Let's look at some of the key ingredients of PROSTATEASSURE by MIT NUTRA in order to understand just why it is the best prostate supplement for men of any age If you take a quick look at the ingredients in this premium prostate supplement, you would see the following: Vitamin E Vitamin B6 Zinc Copper Selenium chelate Saw Palametto Pygeum Africanum Powder Plant Sterol Complex Red Raspberry Graviola Green Tea Cat's Claw Broccoli Tomato Powder Nettle Maitake Reishi Shitake A Proprietary Prostate Blend featuring quercetin, juniper, uva ursi, bochu, l-alanine, l-glycine, pumpkin seed, burdock, cayenne, golden seal, marshmallow, and parsley While this demonstrates that these prostate pills contain far more active ingredients than others, it is the potency of the formulation that is what positions it as the best prostate supplement To begin with, there is the plant sterol complex This means Beta Sitosterols and phytosterol These are plant substances that are similar to cholesterol, and though used by those with high cholesterol (as a clever way of reducing unhealthy levels of blood cholesterol) it is also a compound that binds to the prostate and actually helps to reduce inflammation and swelling

Clearly, a prostate supplement that specifically targets an enlarged prostate can easily rate as one of the best prostate supplement options, but there is much more to these prostate pills This prostate supplement also features pygeum africanum powder This comes from an African tree and the extracts from it have long been used to help men struggling with an enlarged prostate It is believed that it is the plant estrogens and beta-sisterols that make this such an important compound in any prostate pills The same can be said of other plant ingredients such as nettle and quercetin

Another of the ingredients that makes this the best prostate supplement is the inclusion of zinc Study upon study has shown that zinc plays a key role in prostate health and must be part of any beneficial and effective prostate supplement It is known to suppress tumor growth, making it a great ingredient for those who may be at risk for prostate cancer and who are seeking prostate pills to help Of course, if it is to rank as the best prostate supplement, this particular prostate supplement must also contain the vitamins known to be best for promoting prostate health – vitamins E and B6 Vitamin E is crucial in the fight against prostate cancer and vitamin B6 is crucial in the creation of energy for cells as well as in cellular repair

As you can see the PROSTATEASSURE by MIT NUTRA prostate pills have been carefully formulated to supply you with the very best prostate supplement Whether you have an issue such as an enlarged prostate or even signs of prostate cancer, a prostate supplement is crucial in maintaining optimal health and function The ingredients in these prostate pills have proven themselves capable of reducing swelling and repairing damaged cells Yet, you don't have to wait to develop any issues to begin using the best prostate supplement, especially if you have a family history of prostate concerns This prostate supplement is also impressive due to its GMP standards of manufacturing

What this means is simple – the manufacturer invites a neutral third party to test the purity and potency of these prostate pills As they are made to clinical strength standards, and certified by outside agencies, they easily rate as the best prostate supplement for men of any age and level of health Start sleeping through the night, enjoying better bladder control, and boosting your sex drive with this premium prostate supplement


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