Romantic Dinner Ideas & Recipes for Two : Brown Rice with Asparagus Recipe

Hi, I'm Marlene Spiegel, founding Team Leader from Wildtree I'm here on behalf of Expert Village to show you how to make a brown rice with sauteed asparagus in it

The first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to add a tablespoon of the butter grape seed oil to our pan and let it heat up Then, I'm going to take our asparagus, already cleaned, and I'm going to cut it in like, one inch, pieces Just use towards the top You can save the other and use it as a stock I'm going to take the asparagus, and I'm going to put it right into the pan and let it saute

We'll just swirl that around for a little bit, the oil's hot Asparagus doesn't take longer than a minute to cook You want it firm Our brown rice is previously cooked I showed it in a segment with our grouper, so you may want to go back

Now we're going to add the asparagus to the brown rice and stir it up Then we'll scoop some in each of these bowls Since this is a romantic dinner for two we want to make sure that the presentation is romantic, and for two Put some rice in here, get some of the asparagus You've got your starch, your veggie

Mm, doesn't that look appetizing? And here we have it: a great surf and turf dish Well, I did say it was a romantic dinner for two Bye!


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