Romantic Dinner Ideas & Recipes for Two : Creamed Spinach Recipe

Hi, I'm Marlene Spiegal, founding team leader from Wildtree I am here today on behalf of Expert Village

I am going to show you another romantic dish that I love – creamed spinach First we're going to add four tablespoons of Wildtree's butter grape seed oil And then we are going to put in about a half cup of onions, onion to your taste, so that we can sautee them So we heat this for just a little bit on low Then we are going to add, and I have already cooked and drained the spinach, and I have saved the juices, because we need those for this dish

So you can hear the onion is sauteeing very well And now we are going to add all the rest of the liquids and the flour Start with the flour and we will stir that around, the evaporated milk, stir that around, the juice from the spinach, and stir that around We'll bring this back to boil And then we are going to add our spinach that has been cooked and our cheddar cheese

This cheese is a jalape?o cheddar cheese So you can see we are going to cook this through until the cheese is all melted And then we are going to put it in a nice baking dish We add a tablespoon of the ponzo sauce and stir that in Then we're going to sprinkle some bread crumbs on top

And viola! Put it in the oven and bake it for 45 minutes and what do you have? A wonderful cream spinach dish


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