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>> Dr Savage: So, Nick, if you had 5 supplements that a relatively healthy woman, you think would need to take, what would be your top 5 supplements? >> Dr

Delgado: Well, first off I think, depending on the age range, but My top 5, because I encounter a lot of women with adrenal fatigue, they're in a very stressful environment so I would look at what I call the Adrenal DMG It's got the ashwagandha, it's got the targeted dimethylglycine for the liver for energizing, echinacea, it's got a variety of herbs some of which that target RNA/DNA viruses It's got caprylic acid that targets the candida, so it's really kind of an immune enhancing, an adrenal enhancing >> Dr Savage: It's an Immuno-modulater type system >> Dr Delgado: and for the liver So that would be probably number one Number two, I would say LivDetox, because it's got the curcumin for the inflammation, it's got asparagus, it's got astragalus, so it's got that things >> Dr Savage: For the viruses and the telomere promotion? >> Dr Delgado: Yeah, well I'll get to the telomere, but it's the apricot; it's got certain things that I hope will help people to modify cellular mutation and the risk of, and the development, and combat cancer So I'm looking at that, and of course then the next, I would look at EstroBlock which is, we have a Pro version we have a regular, and then we have a version that helps to also assist with a little bit of a DHT blocker, beta-Sitosterol, because the skin is usually where the DHT will show up in those with poor skin conditions but I don't want to have them take anything other than a whole natural food derivative, so it's got the whole phytochemical >> Dr

Savage: But the supplements that you're talking about, all these different these groups of supplement in the product, those are all whole-food >> Dr Delgado: Yes, yes >> Dr Savage: But I think that's important for a clinician to understand the benefit of having whole food supplementation in your vitamins

>> Dr Delgado: Well, right, and Slim Blend protein because we used a rice-based protein, becuase I was kind of concerned about the number of people using what I'll say is, I think potentially inflammatory type animal-based protein powders >> Dr Savage: The whey, the egg >> Dr

Delgado: Yeah, I want to give them a safe, healthy, alternative, and then 30 whole organic food nutrients that are gluten-free, soy free, you know, dairy-free, GMO- not GMO modified Yeah and we're one of the few powders out there that actually has a certification for organic and GMO free, so that I i felt was a another very important core supplement Stem Cell Strong because of its medicinal mushrooms, its combination of certain herbs that help to again, maybe, we hope, not only calm down inflammation, but if the immune system is too active, it'll calm it down a little bit, if it's under active, bring it up a little bit >> Dr Savage: The amazing thing about the human body is, with the supplements that you're talking about, you give the body the ability to use what it needs to store the rest, or eliminate the rest, so you're really providing the body a buffet that it can choose from to help bring itself into balance, because this body does want to get into balance, it just usually is being impeded by things that are forcing it off balance, or it's lacking the things that it needs to bring itself back on balance >> Dr Delgado: Right, and in women who are struggling with either cellulite, they're overweight, or, you know, a little past age 35, maybe they've had hysterectomy or tubal ligation, and then the ovaries not only are not producing enough estrogen and progesterone, they're not producing testosterone The ovaries is the site of testosterone production, right? So, I'll give them

>> Dr Savage: One of the sites >> Dr

Delgado: One of the sites, yes I'll give them a product- of course the adrenals can, indirectly, right? Ill give them a product called TestroVida Pro, and some of the women go, " Oh, wait a minute I don't need testosterone" And you say, "Well, you wanna firm your body up, right? >> Dr Savage: Well, I think that's very important, that's one of the myths we need to dispel

Of all the hormones for women testosterone is far more important than estrogen and there's absolutely no question about that Estrogen plays a critical for role for women, so I'm not saying for physicians to disregard the estrogen, but I think there's such little emphasis placed on testosterone that it really needs to be brought more to the forefront; the testosterone being the anabolic, the bone strengthener, the muscle toner It's one of the hormones that is apoptotic in nature so that it actually promotes cell death in pre-cancer cells, rather than the estrogen which, as a promoter, helps continue those cell binds So I think we're going to see something in the next couple years, because, you and I remember ten years ago with Susanne Summers coming out with the estrogens and the bio-identical hormones, I think we're going to see a mild revitalization up the bio-identical hormones in women, centered around testosterone

>> Dr Delgado: I would agree, and I think the beauty of testosterone is, as you know, some of it with aromatize or convert it to estrogen, as it's needed, and with the right herb modification to modify, so they don't turn into the harmful form of too much excess, unmetabolized estrogen, the DIM, the Indol-3, the EstroBlock thing, and the LivDetox, then they're going to get the right ratios and get the benefit of very, very, low-dose testosterone, that's the point, it could be a few milligrams, where a man might need you know, 50 several more than them, right? >> Dr Savage: There's a number of studies out there that show the use of testosterone in women alleviates the symptoms related to menopause as effectively as estrogen does >> Dr Delgado: And, let's talk about hot flashes, Dr

Paul Savage, what is the indication, or what is the possible solution? >>Dr Savage: [laughing] Hot flashes is like fatigue or hair loss, it's a very non-descript symptom So, for a woman to say, come in to say, "I have hot flashes", that doesn't say necessarily a lot for me It certainly doesn't tell me they have an estrogen deficiency right out the gate, because I'm looking at things also on, what's their nutritional balance, again? Are they overweight? What's their sleep-cycle like? What are the stressors in their life? Because hot flashes can come from lack of hormones, or too much hormones, lack of nutrients, disbiosis, illnesses, infections like tuberculosis- I mean, hot flashes can be generated from any of those different things >> Dr

Delgado: Yeah, and then last but not least I would have the client, the female in this particular case, take what we call Stay Young Stay Young has the nitric oxide boosters what we called Nitric Oxide Burst, which is a new breakthrough an isolate that actually, red spinnach, it has removed the phytates, its got the benefit of the nitric oxide release, and it's very elegant in how it works effectively, particularly I can only really tell people people to put it in the mouth, but if it kinda slips under the tongue there some extra enzymes in there that convert and create more of the nitric oxide release, and so >> Dr

Savage: The amylases, the saliva, it all plays a big the all plays a big role in that digestive process >> Dr Delgado: Yes, and then I included some very important phytochemicals that help the telomeres We believe that, we use it but to harm to one strike was concentration which most companies don't want to that important I looked at it I said well there some other extraction isolates night at wait a minute why prime time did they say even better than they would point to the sky has a live longer be open to the choir on this a by things that always entertains me about the summer make companies as yeah now we've isolated as high as my what a day or that you're one did it doesn't make sense because that's not how the body works hey we know that the to top it all for example he needed help with the baby the campus together and then the closer you get to hold from natural teak tocopherol the more benefits than it has in the same thing was established railed against is you have to get the whole Australia's and concentration what do you agree with the other sizable sizable strange right right because you know we gotta figure improve times our old he probably waited for hours and and and and they just just like we look out in some other primitive nations you know they would be born a tumors and plan some things and eating very large volumes to me it's interesting when you look at the actual trial Dennis Burke it's a name take in prime minister size is very large morning large on is to get their new chance from him so I'm fibers just to get the calories from it was a little bit tougher yeah but they weren't getting the benefit of the whole food now we're going to try and get a vitamin A from one little by many when it's the whole crop noise morning the man the whole food so I think they're coming back around two and eventually a whole more all recognize that what we did with our overall was Whole Foods nutrition am looking at the the firms in the most elegant staying at them purest form and possibly traded to the point where energy GMP laboratories I great multi-label we say that's one what's in it that's what it has a high concentration on one dies let except been a number limited example project and the government is almost never valuable said well in there is some challenge to the early signs until America test measurements are if there is pasta minus 25 30 percent but then they're saying that delivers improved by 25 30 percent which was it was a big difference in the past or was it the improvement due to the prom I would like to heads the betting gonna do a lifestyle approach communal lifestyle hell city glamours right everything we talked about this interview it you know for the doctors but doctors were assessed only on the patient or just buying doctors themselves the simple stuff is I'm significant value and if you're going to spend your time as a physician money and a great Massingham do as I did spend time with learning the church in a park Island the nutritional problem become the supplements as they can aid you in treating certain a certain and two entities that you're trying to calm but the money had it well and it's not the same diet for every patient and no it is it is not bad genetic but the more you are essentially the same and I can't tell you how many patients come in in our clients in all say Mark II on this plant based diet I'm hungry I can't get enough protein angle is a protein bars it from density my back to our parole Tuesday surely get by with food may be redeemed just a little bit to miss on insurance and and squash which have only twenty dollars per chi you're hungry I you know we are going to let you know grab your day going to follow your can already hear care yeah and you know this whole thing with so i doing character to hike on our we have to get away from the calorie count right we have to look at the density in the problem now I that's not saying that I don't want the building up by lettuce and celery and oh yeah that you need those needed by the resident and all that in the car but I don't have a problem Obadiah pages like potato that's a start just like it a healthy I'm right high-density caloric food for you because what we're doing is we're probably away from this density taboo that are Big Macs and processed foods and lightening products right although I'm not completely vegetarian I would say my diet problem twenty years ago today money is a factor 10 shed more towards the edge was improves their government you know beautiful well I would doctor Paul savage this is doctor Nick Delgado has been enjoy sharing with you real pearls and gems and things that I think you can serve playing right away so subscribe to our YouTube channel stay tuned for some income incitements more excited to share this with you thank you doctor sarraj a sec


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