The 10 Best Nutritional Supplements For Women

If you are worried about keeping your body healthy, there are quite a few mineral and vitamin supplements out there that can help you According to research, these are the 10 most helpful supplements, with some information about what each one can do for your overall health and nutrition

1 Our diets are not generally rich in calcium as it is We stay away from milk and cheese, and while many of us like yogurt, not enough of us eat what we need to keep our bones healthy With other foods and the aging process leaching calcium from our bones, we need calcium supplements to keep us from developing osteoporosis over time 2

If you love spinach and steak, then you probably don't have an iron deficiency However, if you stay away from red meat for other health reasons, then you may have an iron deficiency Anemia can take away your energy and drain your health Taking an iron supplement can keep this from happening 3

If you drink plenty of milk and get a lot of sunlight, then you might have enough Vitamin D However, if you work inside all day, then you might need a boost in your Vitamin D count This will help you from catching those colds that float around your office (or through all of your children) by boosting your immune system 4 Vitamin C can help you in a number of ways

Yes, it's true, it will keep you from getting scurvy like all those old-time pirates, but it will also boost your immune system and help you fight off colds There is some research indicating that your cardiovascular health can benefit from Vitamin C as well 5 If you want to have a healthy pregnancy, folic acid is a nutrient that you will want to keep in your diet It prepares your body to host a fetus, and if you have enough of it in your system, then you will have a much easier time with your pregnancy

6 If you're a teacher or a nurse, you need a strong immune system Echinacea is a nutrient that will help you build a strong immune system and keep you from catching those irritating viruses that spread around offices, schools and doctors' offices 7 Entering menopause? It can be an unpleasant time for everyone, because your body is undergoing a lot of changes

Black cohosh can take a lot of these changes and make them less unpleasant for you 8 Ginger is another nutrient that can help you when you are pregnant Ginger can relieve a lot of the symptoms that make pregnancy unpleasant, particularly the nausea that can wreck a lot of your mornings 9

Is your memory not quite what it used to be? Take some ginkgo biloba to help your neural pathways rejuvenate themselves 10 If your hips, knees and ankles are creaking every time you walk, some glucosamine might be just what you need to relieve that pain There are shelves and shelves of supplements at pharmacies and health stores


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