Weight loss, increase energy, sexual, anti-aging from Delgado Protocol supplements MS Senior Calilf

[0:00:00] Some of the wonderful products from Dr Delgado from the Delgado Protocol that I am on, one in particular called Slim Blend and stem cell

And these are powders And I'm also on the Estro Block, which is a capsule I mix the powders in the morning with chocolate soy milk, a banana, some frozen fruit I make a wonderful smoothly And actually, in about 3, 3-1/2 weeks, I’ve lost 12 pounds

And I am healthy and vital And I've got lots of energy And that's what I do with those products Well, to go further, I was just in a pageant recently It was Miss Senior California America Pageant

And I took one of the wonderful awards for the year, which was the Miss Senior Age of Elegance And that was for 2009 And everybody was saying how glowing my skin was and how good I looked And I thought, yes, that's the Delgado Protocol working for me Dr

Delgado’s products are good not only for women, but for men as well Obviously, men have problems with hormones just like women do So, there's products for that And also, in a sexual way, if a man needs some help, there are products for that There's products for energy

There's products for exercising, and energy, and weight loss, and just anti-aging All around Everything to make you feel good Both men and women The products being all natural, the Delgado protocol is famous for that

The wonderful herbs, botanicals, the fruits, the vegetables, all the marvelous things that go into it that Dr Delgado is really world famous for All his development and research All of these things are in the products and that's what's so good about them I personally don't take anything that's not natural

So, these are wonderful for me Well, Dr Delgado is a wonderful man who has done a lot of development and research And when you go to him, he's very kind He's very patient

And he takes his time to know exactly what it is that he needs to know so that he can formulate which products would be best for you Well, you know, when you're as busy and active as I am and I am even, even though I'm 73 years old, I mean, I'm running rings around everybody and there's only one way to do that If you’re on wonderful products like his and they make you feel so good and you've got so much energy, a nice balanced energy from morning ‘til night and then you sleep well, you get up ready in the morning to go on and do it all over again I don't know I even have joints What are they? No

Thank you, God, I have no aches, no pains I get up in the morning I'm ready to go I feel great I am blessed as I said

No aches No pains Just a lot of energy and get up and go In reading the books and in editing the one as I did, to me, his books are marvelous for people who are not knowledgeable, people who are somewhat knowledgeable, and those who are very knowledgeable because there's always little things that you can learn, little tidbits So, his books are for everybody, the beginners, people who just know a little bit and people who are really into this sort of thing

The only thing that I think I'd like to add is that, you know, in today's world, we all wanna live to be 100 years old or older, but we all wanna be healthy We wanna look good We wanna feel good And there's only one way to do that Find the right products, natural ones, like Dr

Delgado's and take them religiously See the changes in your life See how good you feel and just sit back and wait for all the compliments One of the things that I've learned about supplements, and vitamins, and natural products, and especially with Dr Delgado's products, it’s really important to start when you're very young because each person's body, their levels go down on hormones, and strengths, and liquid in your joints, and muscles and tendons, and all that thing

So, we don't have a picture of our insights to know when we need what, and when, and where But when you're starting at a young age on supplements, things like the Delgado Protocol, your body is always being fed the natural wonderful things that it needs so your body really never has a chance to go into a decline You stay at a good level which is wonderful So, as you're aging, you're not really aging You're keeping your body in good shape and that's why with his products it's so important to start— it doesn't matter what age you are— and keep it going because that's when you see “Oops, my friends are aging

[0:05:07] She doesn't look so good This one's got lines and wrinkles This one doesn't play tennis anymore This one can't do this and that” But when you're on his products, you’re way above

You're doing everything at all the younger people are doing and you're not really aging It's kind of like “Wow, what is happening to me? I feel good I look good And I'm leaving them all behind” [0:05:32] End of Audio


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