What My VEGAN Kid Eats In A Day! | Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas For Kids

Hey guys! Welcome to my channel! Today there is a 'What my vegan kid eats a day' You asked for this video, so here it is

The video is also a collaboration with my dear friend Taira on YouTube I'm so excited, her channel is Taira's Family and you can find her on her channel one of the sweetest, most compassionate mothers ever Whenever I see her content, she and her family are also vegan and whenever I see their content, I am thrilled and be encouraged The way she talks to her children – as if they are young adults, And she shows her family so much respect and kindness and has a gentle, loving, kind soul and I just feel connected to her

When I started the kids' vegan diet, I saw a lot of her videos and got a lot of inspiration So it's pretty cool to complete the circle and do it together I definitely encourage you to stop by and you will be happy when you meet their family, they are such good people and all their children have such good personalities They are so nice and you will love them So let's start when you're here for the first time: Welcome, I'm Myka and so happy to have you here! And give the video a thumbs up if you like it or want to see more Foodie videos And let me know in the comments what you ate today and let's start with the video! Hello people, I'll show you what I eat today! What are you going to do? A smoothie

Okay, go ahead and do it for me I'll help you a little bit Let's add the bananas first OK Here we go! Almond milk Well done! We could take a little more almond milk, okay? Oops, excuse me! Okay, pour that in Well done, perfect! We need some spinach

He makes us big and strong! I want to do it A lot of spinach! Good girl We take some maple syrup to the sweet Just a little Can I lick it? Clear! Okay, ready to turn it on? This looks like glitter

Thats so yummy We have lunch and we have some Italian blood orange spritzer This is mine! -You were lucky And we make her an avocado toast Just a rice waffle with fresh, homemade guacamole How much do you like avocados? Very? Thanks for the cuddle unit! You hear someone else in the background, this is Rookah And then I bought some precut fruit in the supermarket to keep it simple today

Very easy This has the form <Y> Yes you can design it if you want it It's like a letter -What like? Oh is it like the letter Y? Like what, how

– It looks like the letter Y It looks fantastic Good? It is good? It is really good! -Good! Yes! So we start with dinner And I have to say that Jaka's hair looks great today

And she has something delicious Look at it It looks great! I know, it's good! They have rice for dinner, they have already started something Sweet potato puree and peaches How delicious? -Delicious! Delicious 🙂 I love your hair! This is the best! They are the best

Do you like the sweet potato puree? and the rice! You do not like the peaches? OK At least you tried them I thought we could have a dessert if you ate What do you say? A popsicle? A popsicle, what's your favorite taste? Strawberry and grape Okay And as a dessert there is this 'goodpops' They consist of 100% fruit juice and they wait for me to open them Here, please

What do you say? -Thank you very much! Good? Thanks for watching, have a nice day! -Thank you! Thanks for watching people what my vegan kids eat in a day If you liked the video, give me a thumbs up and let me know in the comments what you want to see from me next I love you and hope you have a wonderful week! Bye people!


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