Which foods are Best for Weight Loss on a Keto Diet – Get into a fat burning state of ketosis

(upbeat music) – Hello my friends and welcome to Keto with Sarah Jane My name is Sarah Jane and in this video today I'm going to talk about all of the foods that you should eat on a Ketogenic Diet

So, going through the basic macronutrients of a ketogenic diet is 70% fats, which can also be in the form of body fats as well as dietary fats Then you have 20% proteins and 10% carbohydrates Now the carbohydrates that we eat on the ketogenic diet is not the starchy carbohydrates It's not the sugars These are the foods that we avoid on the ketogenic diet

Instead what we eat for our carbohydrates is the vitamins and minerals component of the fruits and vegetables So the most important vegetable that we eat is the cruciferous vegetables So these are your green leafy vegetables, the kale, the spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts Now, I can hear you moaning already These are the vegetables that we have all hated since we were a kid

They're the bitter vegtables The ones that we push aside from our plates And if you're a mum you're probably trying to get your kids to eat broccoli and brussel sprouts already However, I've got some recipes to help you with that, that I'll show you in some other videos But these cruciferous vegtables are the ones that are going to help you to lose the weight

They are the ones that are going to give your body the potassium needs The ones that are going to lower the insulin resistance in your body They are going to help to heal any toxins and to push it out of the body It has so much vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C So much of your trace minerals

So these are the really important parts of the ketogenic diet So these are our carbohydrate components With the fruits with a ketogenic diet, now fruits are actually containing sugar, so they're high in fructose So we don't want to eat too many fruits But fruits do contain a lot of antioxidants and lots of vitamins and essential minerals

So they are important on the diet So the ones that we actually use on the ketogenic diet is berries Berries contain the most of these antioxidants and vitamins, but they are the lowest in sugar So these are the ones that you need to focus on for the ketogenic diet, berries Also keep in mind that some vegetables can be high in sugar

So for example carrots, tomatoes, peas, corn and things like that They can be high in sugar So just be careful of which vegetables that you choose Probably there's a preference to the green leafy vegtables and the ones that contain the most water content, lettuce, capsicums, cucumbers and things like that Also recommended is to take a green supplement

So find yourself a good brand that's organic Something that contains 75 trace minerals, that you can have as a drink in the morning that will boost all of your vitamins and minerals Right, moving next along is your proteins So, the proteins that we choose on the ketogenic diet, we're looking really for the ones that are high in protein but also contain amounts of fats So this can be saturated fats or unsaturated fats such as your omega threes and omega sixes

So the most ideal is your salmon and your fatty fish So salmon has the most omega threes and omega sixes Eat the skin as well This is a really high quality omega threes and omega sixes that will really help with the heart and help with the brain Your body will absolutely love these

Same thing with sardines and mackerels Next is chicken So chicken, we don't necessarily have to go with chicken breast and dried lean protein What we're actually looking for is something that has high protein but also contains the natural fats Now having the fats as well as the protein helps with your satiety

It helps with you to feel satisfied so that you go longer and you'll eventually get to your intermittent fasting, which we'll get to down the track Next, we're going to go to the dairy section So the dairy category we have our butters So eat organic butter Cheeses are good, but just be careful which types of cheeses that you choose

Because they can also contain some sugars as well Eggs are absolutely brilliant So take your eggs Eat all of it So not just the white but the yolk as well

So the yoke actually contains lecithin which is an antidote for cholesterol So for many years we were told that don't eat eggs because they're very bad for you But eggs are actually the good balance between protein and fats They actually do contain cholesterol and cholesterol is needed in the body So the lecithin that's inside the egg yolk actually is an antidote for the bad cholesterol in the body

Next, we'll move on to the fats So the fats, there are three different types of fats Three different categories So this we will talk about in another video But for the moment you've got your saturated fats, your unsaturated fats, and your trans fats

Trans fats we avoid at all cost These are your manufactured fats and they're very bad for you They're contained in a lot of GMO modified foods And a lot of manufactured products which are designed to be kept on the shelf for a long period of time to make foods taste better than they actually really are But they are actually very bad for you

So the other fats that are left are saturated fats, which are your animal fats So butter and your cheeses are your saturated fats Eat these in moderation The next one is your unsaturated fats These are the ones we want you to eat the most of

Unsaturated fats are needed by the heart the cardiovascular system, and the brain The brain loves the omega threes and the omega sixes So a very good example of your unsaturated fats are your avocados Also your olive oils and here are your nuts So macadamian nuts are probably the best or pecan nuts

A lot of the other nuts that we look at, things like almonds can be quite high in the carbohydrates which will put you out of a state of ketosis So macadamian nuts or pecans are the best for your ketogenic diet MCT oil, so this is medium chain triglycerides It's actually derived from coconut oil Again, contains your omega threes and omega sixes

This is what I put in my Bullet Proof coffee, which I'll do recipes for as well Coconut oil, so replace all of your cooking oils with coconut oil And then apple cider vinegar So apple cider vinegar, take this in the morning in a glass of water, one or two tablespoons And this will help to alkalize your body and to burn those fats

Pink Himalayan salt, very good for you Contains 75 trace minerals So replace all of your table salt with pink Himalayan salt Thanks for watching I'll see ya in the next video

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