Why Kids Should Eat Healthy and Exercise

Sasha: It’s important for kids to eat healthy because then you’re going to be your best at school, you’re going to be able to concentrate and not fall asleep doing your homework Your body is going to grow up to be tall and strong

It’s going to keep your bones and muscles strong The MyPlate icon shows the five food groups, which are: vegetables, fruits, grains, protein foods, and dairy Food from all five food groups helps give your body the vitamins, energy and minerals that it needs to be its best What we like to say is that there’s “sometimes” foods and then there’s “anytime” foods Sometimes foods are things like cakes, cookies, ice cream, chips; those things are treats, so you want to have them every once in a while

But then anytime foods are your fruits, your vegetables, your whole grains, your protein, low-fat dairy and fat-free dairy It’s not just important to think about what to eat, but what you drink too And often, sodas, energy drinks, fruit punch, sports drinks have a lot of sugar So good choices for beverages are water, low-fat or fat-free milk, and 100% juice Kids need 60 minutes of activity everyday

It’s important to find ways to be active that you enjoy: riding a bike, skateboarding, swimming, running around at recess, playing sports, dancing, running around with your dog, or chasing your older brother, those are all ways we can be active We have one game that’s call the MyPlate Blast Off and when you play the MyPlate Blast Off, you have to fuel your rocket ship with fruit, vegetables, foods from all five food groups as well as physical activity And then your rocket ship has enough energy to blast off to Planet Power! Narrator: Find recipes, games, and activities at ChooseMyPlategov Learn more about being active and exercising at LetsMove

gov And for more information on exercise and eating healthy, visit Kidsgov


healthy exercises

healthy exercises

healthy exercises