Womens’ Triceps Workout (4 MOVES FOR PERFECT ARMS!!)

Hey, guys! I'm trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women, and today we're going to do a workout to tone up the back of the arms; the tricep Let's do it! So our first exercise is called a skull crusher

You're going to need a bench and a dumbbell You're going to lay all the way back You can use two dumbbells as well, or even a barbell This one, you're holding it right above your head, and I'm bending at my elbow, and extending Squeezing the tricep at the top

You see how only my forearm is moving? That's called perfect form So we're going to get 10 here None of this Don’t swing back like this, okay? Extend Hinge on the door

Five more Five, four, three Two more Squeeze all the way up Last one

And one So this allows us to go right into a narrow press right here So we're going to do 10 of these Elbows brush the ribs, and then you're flexing the triceps at the top Here we go

We're going to do 12 of these 11, 10 Flex at the top Nine, eight, seven, six, five Press through

Four All the way up Three Two more Two

One more Last one Squeeze One Awesome

Now we're going to focus on arm only So now you're going to take it a little bit lower and you're going to press to the center of your body So come down, 10 on here Nine Then we'll switch arms

Eight Seven Focus on the tricep Six Flex it at the top

Five, four, three Two more Two Last one Good

You've got to lift weights to sculpt them Other side, coming down, brushing the ribs, and press to the midline of the body Nine Flex hard Eight

Press all the way up Seven, six, five, four, three Awesome Two more Two

Make it count Push One Great job So if you have a little bit lighter weight and you can continue to 15, go ahead and do that

You want to feel failure in that muscle group Okay, so our very last exercise is right off the edge of the bench, or you can use a countertop, you're couch, a chair; right off the side here You want to position your hands so they're on the outer parts, rather than facing forward Right here, okay? So this is going to target the back of the arm Okay? Narrow push

Ready? Here we go 10 All the way up Flex hard Nine

Keep that body straight Eight, seven, six, five, four, three Last one Great job So that was one round of four, great exercises for the back of your arm

Complete that, maybe, two, or three more rounds and I'm telling you, you're going to sculpt those triceps You're going to love them, you're going to love how you feel and look in tank tops, and they're going to be sore tomorrow So you know you did something awesome Leave us a thumbs up, comment below, show us some new tricep pictures We love to see the inspiration that you guys are out there spreading

Thanks for joining me I'm trainer Amy Jo, we'll see you next time


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healthy exercises

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