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Hey friends! So today I want to share with you one of my favorite healthy treats / pick-me-up snacks It's a great way to sneak some veggies and tons of nutrients into your little ones, into your husband, and let's be honest you like them snuck in there too sometimes

It's a super simple recipe with just six whole-food ingredients, five of them you can find at your local Costco All you need are some baby greens, almond milk, some bananas, some raw cacao powder, some almond butter and some blueberries So I read somewhere once that when your body is craving chocolate your body's actually craving the nutrients that are found in leafy greens like calcium and magnesium so this smoothie helps satisfy your craving for chocolate and satisfy your body's underlying nutrient cravings without all the added sugar— so it's a win-win-win So let's get into making this Smoothie So for all my smoothies I use my Blendtec— I'm not sponsored by Blendtec— yet but I love them it's my favorite kitchen tool ever

I got it a little over a year ago and I've used it over 700 times it has a little counter right here that shows you So like twice a day on average It's awesome So First what I'm going to do is I'm going to fill up the blender with some greens I usually buy these big bags of power greens and then if they start to get a little bit wilty I just throw them in the freezer and you can make this smoothie with frozen greens if you're doing frozen greens I fill the blender about halfway and if I'm doing fresh greens I fill it about three-quarters of the way but there's a lot of wiggle room with smoothies it's kind of according to your preference and how much you to make so now that we have the greens in there we're gonna get one of my handy two banana pouches that I make of frozen bananas- we're going to throw those in there And then I do about a cup of frozen blueberries Then do a big about tablespoon scoop of almond butter and then I do this is a two tablespoon measure of cacao powder and then I fill the blender to about the 12 ounce line with almond milk and then just push the smoothie setting And we wait Yeah! All right- voila! We have a smoothie! I'm going to go ahead and pour it out

And it's good I love that this smoothie doesn't have any ice in it so it's not watered down by that it's just jam-packed with flavor and nutrients— you'll notice that I didn't add any additional sugar it's just sweetened by the blueberries and bananas and you'll also notice as you start adapting more to a whole foods lifestyle your taste buds will actually change and you won't need foods to be as sweet anymore, so the fruit will be just enough sweetness It does have a little bit more kind of a dark chocolate flavor because of that So I used to make this smoothie adding protein powder, but I've since come to realize that most protein powders are extremely processed not to mention super expensive so don't worry about adding extra protein you've got lots of really great stuff going on in here with the almonds the whole foods just tons of nutrients that are gonna give your body some great energy-boosting fuel If I ever have too much smoothie left over then I have these nifty little popsicle molds that I got from Amazon that I'll just pour the leftover smoothie in there and make popsicles so it's super easy and great

Like I said, if you make kind of the wrong amount— looks like I actually made it wasn't quite as much as I thought it would make so I should have added a little more blueberries and greens So this is the perfect amount for two people I don't know— I'm not very good with like the measuring and figuring out the exact amounts and calories because I feel like smoothies should be easy you know You just throw some stuff in there and make it happen— don't worry about the exact amounts and in general I feel like food should be that way it should be focused more on the nutrients that the food is providing you and just making sure that you're eating these whole foods and that your body is getting the nutrients that it needs and then it's not craving all these junk foods that don't give you those nutrients So hopefully this helps I know that as I've been on this whole food journey and eating more of these whole foods that it's nice to just have kind of a fun, quick tasty treat that helps satisfy my chocolate cravings

So hopefully you enjoy this recipe and let me know your thoughts in the comments, other videos that you'd like to see like it, share it, all that jazz and have a great day! Hi! Hi! I've got some smoothies for you guys Ooo, do you see them? You want some? You want some smoothie? Yum! Can I have some? You can have some too, yeah Yummy! Oh man, we've got smoothies Is this one mine? Yeah, that one's yours Why did you do all of the popsicles out? What are you doing in here mommy? I'm making a video

Do you want to be in it? Yeah! Okay drink some smoothie and then you'll be in it Oh, is that so tasty? Oh, you love it! Oo, you're getting messy though Num!


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